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Less than four weeks after it announced its intention to buy Neolane, Adobe has confirmed that it has closed the US$ 600 million deal, and that it will now pull Neolane’s campaign management tools into its Marketing Cloud.

Adobe, Marketing Automation

Until now, marketing automation has been viewed as the one big weakness with the Marketing Cloud, but with this deal, it closes that off.

In an interview with CMSWire when the deal was originally announced, Matthew Lange, Adobe senior director of strategic marketing said that the marketing automation tools would be a major bonus for Adobe’s clients who are finding the automation of marketing campaigns very difficult.

"Customers are constantly telling us how hard marketing is, and social complicates things even more," Lange said. Neolane's marketing automation tools are quite robust."

By automation, he means the ability to manage all channels from a single place as well as the ability to repeat those marketing actions, wherever they are needed.

Neolane in Adobe’s Marketing Cloud

It can also integrate both online and offline marketing data across the enterprise, enabling users to access content from all corners of the enterprise.

With the completion of the Neolane acquisition, Adobe’s lead in digital marketing is extended further, bringing critical cross- channel campaign management capabilities to the Adobe Marketing Cloud…What’s most exciting is the enthusiasm we've heard from marketers who have been asking for a comprehensive solution that makes their day-to-day work easier and more effective.”

However, Adobe has said little about how exactly it will incorporate Neolane’s technology in the cloud, except to say that it will continue to exist as a solution in its own right and will join the existing solutions -- including Analytics, Target, Social, Experience Manager, and Media Optimizer.

On top of this, Adobe said in the statement confirming the deal’s closure, Neloane “will make significant contributions to [the] core Marketing Cloud technology and therefore will become an integrated part of all the other solutions."

Neolane’s Background

It is not just about the technology, Adobe says, it is about the whole Neolane package. Founded in 2001 and based in Paris, France, it had a turnover last year of US$ 60 million, has a presence in the US, Europe and the Asia market, and over 400 clients already, many of them being household names. It also brings with it considerable expertise in campaign management tool development, as well as a management team, in the space that will be incorporated into the Adobe management team.

Adobe has not said whether it will be adding anything else to the Marketing Cloud, but with competition as tight as it is in this space, it is unlikely that we’ll have to wait long to see more acquisitions here.