Adobe ended this year’s Adobe Summit 2013 digital marketing conference with the traditional “Adobe Sneaks” session that offer brief sneak previews of products that are either in development or beta testing. The session takes a more lighthearted approach, with an open bar and this year actress/musician Carrie Brownstein (of “Portlandia” and Sleater-Kinney fame) served as co-host and provided wry commentary throughout.


Following are highlights of several of the more interesting solutions conference attendees got sneak previews of.

Boom Goes the Data

BoomData allows marketers to drag and drop offline channel data and metrics into their Adobe CMS and also to drag and drop overlays onto Excel spreadsheets.

Think Visual

A new visualization tool collects site visitor data in a “next generation” manner that allows marketers to pivot representational data graphs to focus on any one conversion point.

Minute by Minute

A solution nicknamed “QuickTrend” offers real-time insight into digital marketing data and key performance indicators (KPIs) to allow optimized home page layouts for specific visitors. In addition, Adobe analytics allow users to track moving trendlines minute by minute and also keep up with referring domains. This allows marketers to see if an unusual spike in sales might result from its being posted on a site dedicated to online pricing errors, for example. 

Make the Rules

A rule-builder application enables marketers to automatically update metadata by using a rulebuilder to define and extract specific metadata items from a CMS database. This product is currently in beta.

Blow Up Your Video

To correct the problem that DAM systems have in displaying video images in a way where they can be quickly identified, Adobe is developing a DAM video solution that renders a filmstrip-type view of each video. This allows users to store more visual information in a small space and also watch videos in fast forward mode or click on individual frames for more details.

Feed the Feeds

Another tool previewed at the Sneaks session allows users to highlight specific product feeds that are relevant for recommendations by creating tags on one page and having them turned into a feed that applies to all pages. The tool links to functionality from Adobe Target, part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Getting Sentimental

To better unlock the hidden value contained inside social data, Adobe is developing sentiment-based filters that use artificial intelligence to sort commentary by negative and positive sentiment.

Emotions in Motion, Boosting Tweets

Two other solutions highlighted included an Emotion Engine that presents variations in emotion of social commentary according to clusters grouped by categories such as “angry” and “happy,” as well as a TweetBoost tool that determines social influencers on Twitter by factors including retweets, clicks and conversions and paid views.