Aprimo Relationship Manager 6.6 Offers Advanced Campaign Analytics & New Data Visualization Tools

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Aprimo, a provider of cloud-based integrated marketing management solutions, is adding new features including digital messaging and social network segmentation to the upcoming version 6.6 of its Aprimo Relationship Manager (ARM) 6.6 application.

ARM 6.6 will be integrated with the Aprimo Digital Messaging Center solution that is designed to provide a hub for collecting analytical data and segmentation to enable a unified cross-channel customer experience with real-time targeted offers. This integration will also provide an interface to Social Adapter, which automatically integrates personal customer Facebook data with other cross-channel customer data.

In addition, an enhanced user interface (UI) will deliver a navigation dashboard with “whiteboards” and a campaign engine. Advanced campaign analytics enable ad hoc and detailed analysis of metrics and a new Reporting Workbench will provide a variety of data visualization tools. Users will also be able to perform segmentation in remote systems from Aprimo parent company Teradata as well as in Oracle environments.

Another Step toward Personalized Experience

Aprimo is integrating ARM 6.6. with Digital Messaging Center mere days after the Digital Messaging Center solution was actually released. The Digital Messaging Center provides automated processes for:

  • Message Creation -- Streamline content with an online library, functional messaging templates and display optimization.
  • Deliverability -- Increase inbox delivery rates for up to 10 million emails per hour with personalized rules, automatic bounce-back processing and list integration among others.
  • Personalization --Tailor offers and other messages based on complex customer data.
  • Recipient Management -- Integrate big data/analytics.
  • Tracking and Reporting -- Break down what’s working for individuals and/or target groups.

Marketers want more information about potential customers, and putting disparate data together about the same person or company is getting easier. Harvesting tidbits from social media and using ever more powerful analytics systems is popular way of doing just that.

Learning Opportunities

One Step Closer to the ‘Holy Grail’?

Since purchasing Aprimo in late 2010, InformationWeek says Teradata has been chasing the “Holy Grail” of marketing analytics -- performing cross-channel, analytically-driven campaigns with a minimum of tools. “Where Teredata originally had the campaign measurement piece -- the functionality focused on analysis of marketing results -- the ARM upgrade adds the tools marketers need to create, manage, and deliver outbound marketing offers across websites, email, mobile devices, call-center interactions, and so on,” stated the InformationWeek article on Teradata’s activities with Aprimo. “Aprimo says it also has streamlined user-interface navigation and access to reports and dashboards, giving marketers faster access to insight and more time for strategizing and campaign execution.”

ARM 6.6 is offering marketers more data from social media and increased ability to collect and analyze information on individual customers from disparate channels. Don’t tell Professor Robert Langdon, but Teradata may be one step closer to discovering the Holy Grail.

Aprimo Relationship Manager 6.6 will be available on December 14, 2012.