Marketing automation provider Aprimo has released its Digital Messaging Center, a cloud based hub for combining marketing tools with social media, analytics and CRM systems.

Aprimo announced the news at the DMA2012 conference in Las Vegas this week, and it offers real-time access to customer preferences and behavioral data from mobile, Web and integrated systems.

Another Step Toward Personalized Experience

Marketers want more information about potential customers, and putting disparate data together about the same person or company is getting easier. Harvesting tidbits from social media and using ever more powerful analytics systems is popular way of doing just that. Now companies like Teradata, Aprimo's parent company, are automating this tactic and pushing it out as an all in one, plug and play product.

The Digital Messaging Center provides automated processes for:

  • Message Creation -- Streamline content with an online library, functional messaging templates and display optimization.
  • Deliverability -- Increase inbox delivery rates for up to 10 million emails per hour with personalized rules, automatic bounce-back processing and list integration among others.
  • Personalization -- Tailor offers and other messages based on complex customer data.
  • Recipient Management -- Integrate big data/analytics.
  • Tracking and Reporting -- Break down what’s working for individuals and/or target groups.

The Digital Messaging Center is available as a standalone solution or as part of Aprimo's Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) Platform.

Aprimo News Recap

Teradata bought Aprimo in 2011, and earlier this year, bought up eCircle for its email and digital marketing expertise. The Digital Messaging Center is a culmination of that eCircle purchase. 

Learning Opportunities

In August, Aprimo debuted its Real-Time Interaction Manager to improve customer experience. Then in September, Aprimo Service to Sales became available on the AppExchange for better business intelligence.

The Digital Messaging Center is Aprimo's most robust integrated marketing management platform to date, and as Gartner pointed out in its eCircle buyout report, the move puts Aprimo in a good position among global digital marketing companies.

A Digital Marketer's Dream

There's a common theme running among vendors of digital marketing solutions, and that is the marketers want a single location to manage the cross-channel marketing they do and the information they have. We saw that with the acquisition of Pardot by ExactTarget last week, we saw it with Ektron's addition of HubSpot into its Digital Marketing Hub (DMH) and with Adobe's integration of AdLens with SiteCatalyst. Of course Adobe's integration is not a complete package, but it demonstrates the need for integrated solutions that make it easier for marketers to design, build and manage cross-channel campaigns. So we ask...who's next?