B2B Marketers Still Tepid on Social #DF13

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B2B Marketers Still Tepid on Social #df13
While Salesforce and other sales and marketing oriented businesses want marketing to become more social, the demand just isn't there yet in the B2B space. In the consumer world, it's a different story.

But B2B marketing is not focused on the same things, Adam Blitzer, vice president and general manager of Pardot said in an interview at the Dreamforce 2013 conference in San Francisco.

B2B Marketing is About Sales Enablement

Marketing automation tools like Pardot are increasingly focused on social media, but the bulk of B2B marketing is centered around sales team enablement. "Marketers in the B2B space use social media to inform their sales lead generation," Blitzer said.

Using social media information to round out pertinent details about a lead allows sales teams to have more authentic interactions. "That authenticity is what social media is all about," he added.

There's a fine line when it comes to automating social, Blitzer said. So it's a good thing businesses aren't using marketing automation tools to spam social media networks. Perhaps this is why most businesses are still so focused on email marketing.

"Email is a known quantity," Blitzer said. "But more and more of our customers are asking about social media."

Learning Opportunities

Those customers are now part of Salesforce, of course, because ExactTarget bought Pardot, which in turn was acquired this summer by Salesforce. That means Pardot customers will have a chance to tap the Salesforce network. That integration will be the Pardot team's focus over the next year, Blitzer said.

The Salesforce Network Effect

As a Salesforce partner for many years before the acquisition, Blitzer said he understood the benefits access to Salesforce data provided to his company's customers. As Pardot becomes more integrated with Salesforce, the flow of data will become more seamless, he said.

"With most marketing systems, it's hard to know how up to date your data is because there are throughput limits and limits on API calls, for example," Blitzer said. "Once we are integrated into the Salesforce core, there won't be two sets of data for customers to have to constantly reconcile."

As it stands, the Pardot team has been meeting with the Salesforce engineering team to make that integration possible. "That's been a lot of fun. To be in there with both teams in the same room and to be a part of that process is exciting," he said.