Bing Ads, the advertising platform from the Yahoo! Bing Network, has announced that they've integrated location targeting within their advertising system. With this update, advertisers will be able to improve on how well they and their ads can connect with their current and potential customers.

Similar to Google’s AdWords, this new location targeting tool enables users to choose to whom and where they want their ads to be appear. By being able to choose where an ad is displayed, advertisers can target customers in either a local worldwide capacity based on their location or the websites they’re visiting.

How does Bing Ads Location Targeting Tool work?

User first have to click on their location options setting, where there are basic and advance options to choose from. With basic options, users choose which places they don’t want to include as a target location. With the Advanced Targeting options, they can customize how their ads are displayed.  

  • The first advanced option allows users to direct their ads to “people in, searching for, or viewing pages about your target location.” This option will direct ads to users who are either in an advertisers target location or who have mentioned the location in a search. For example, if someone’s search included Los Angeles then ads for the city would appear to that person, even if they weren't in Los Angeles area.
  • The second option is to “to show ads to people in your targeted location.” This option will only show ads to people within the advertisers targeted location, so even if they are located in Toronto and search Washington, they won’t see ads related to Washington, only those that are related to Toronto.


Bing as a Formative Search Engine and Advertising Tool

The Bing network has gone through a variety of updates in recent months to make the system more efficient.

Bing Ads, which was originally called Microsoft AdCenter was renamed in September and at that time the company also updated their web interface and improved ad rotation controls.

Over the summer they started to improve how their search functions work. In July, their search engine system was updated to include paid ads, while in August, the company added Quora to their search engine to help results be more relevant and topical.

More recently, BingAds updated the reporting tool to help users be more efficient and productive, while making both recent and archived information easier to find.