Bing has updated the reporting capabilities for Bing Ads hoping to make both the reporting tool and the overall Bing Ads system easier to use and therefore, make users more productive.

Bing Ads, which was originally called Microsoft's adCentre, is a system within the Yahoo! Bing network that helps advertisers and marketers with their digital marketing campaigns. During the name change improvements to the system included a new web interface and improved ad rotation controls.  

Better Ad Reports

The updated Bing Ads reporting feature was initially launched in late October as a test. It allowed users to choose whether or not they wanted to test the new version. At that time, Bing said they wanted to not only get feedback on the new product, but increase how quickly users could move from one campaign to another.  


Now that the feature is a permanent part of the Bing Ads, some of the updates include:

  • Reports are organized through a streamline navigation, which enables users to work on and run multiple reports at one time.
  • Users can not only search for reports from a few days or a week ago, but also for reports that are up to 366 days old.
  • Bing has updated how the date range works, so when a user switches from one project to another the date range will appear the same from the first report to the second.
  • With the Reports View tool, certain reporting reporting features such as the time and date perimeters don’t have to be manually set, as they will automatically be included in a campaign project.

A Year of Bing Updates

As was mentioned, earlier this year Microsoft changed the name of Microsoft's adCenter to Bing Ads, but that's not the only update to the Bing system.

A few months ago, Bing announced that they’d be improving their search engine by adding paid search ads, which are similar to the ads that Google runs on its search results pages. Around this time, Bing also become more connected to social media platforms by adding a sidebar. The sidebar allows users to connect other accounts, such as Facebook and Windows Live to Bing.

In August, Bing updated their Maps tool and added Quora to their search engine. By updating their Spatial Data Services (SDS) in Bing Maps, Bing removed features that were slowing the system down, such as the legacy tools. In integrating Quora, a question and answer forum, with the Bing search engine the company made sure that search results are more relevant to what a user initially searched.