When you think of social media, it used to be Facebook and Twitter that dominated. For many it may still be true, but in the last few years -- heck, months! -- several new social media channels have emerged. Whether it’s mobile apps like Instagram, boards on Pinterest, check-ins on GetGlue, or plus ones on Google+, there are many more channels to monitor customer engagement. Thanks to the launch of Confirmit Horizons Version 17, the latest release of its leading multichannel software solution, brand managers have more opportunities to engage customers, employees and research respondents in feedback programs across multiple channels. 

Improving the End-to-End Experience

Confirmit Horizons Version 17 offers a wide-ranging set of features, including new mobile and web survey layouts and advanced customization and branding options that can help businesses run successful multichannel feedback programs. Designed to improve the end-to-end experience for those completing feedback surveys, boosting participation in Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs and improving response rates, the new version provides companies with more flexibility to target different groups for feedback and insights.

Other New Features

In addition to enhancement multichannel feedback capabilities, Confirmit Horizons Version 17 also offers users:

  • Improved collection and processing of unstructured data using a text analytics suite
  • Support for a wider range of web platforms for designing surveys and reporting on feedback
  • Extended integration of mobile data into the Confirmit platform, following the acquisition of Techneos
  • The ability to view media captured on mobile devices, such as photos and video clips, from within Confirmit's reporting suite
  • Enhanced speed and ease-of-use to enable users to create and manage programs more effectively

To help reinforce the magnitude of updates in Confirmit Horizons Version 17, Confirmit is hosting three webinars highlighting how the new features and functionality can drive maximum value and insight from feedback and research programs.