Give your Multi-Channel Content Insight
Multi-channel is the new social media. Everywhere you go, it’s multi-channel this and multi-channel that -- and for good reason. It’s not just the website you need to write for. It’s mobile devices, tablet devices, social networks, micro-blogs and more. All of your content must cater to these formats, while delivering a unique and tailored fit for your users. Once you’ve mastered that (you have, haven’t you?), it stands to reason that you’ll need to measure it all and analyze what it means. Think that traditional web analytics will do the trick? Think again.

This week, Coveo introduced Coveo 7.0 with Multi-Channel Text Analytics, the first solution to apply text analytics across an index of vast amounts of data concurrently in enterprise systems and social channels. In other words, Coveo 7.0 can help you discover relationships across all your content so as to improve customer relations and product development support decisions made within an organization.

Insight Deficit?

With so many platforms to manage, there is much information to be gleaned. So much, in fact, that most organizations don’t know how to collect it all. And even if they did, they wouldn’t know what to do with it. How does the way users interact with mobile content affect transactions completed on the web? Coveo calls the inability to leverage important business information siloed by systems, departments, geographies and type “Insight Deficits." Such an inability to get at the right information can create negative business effects, ranging from poor customer engagement to longer sales cycles and lower levels of product innovation.

Insight Surplus!

By giving users the ability to search and navigate, consolidate, correlate and analyze information wherever it’s stored, via one intuitive interface, Coveo’s Insight Consoles can make it rain insights.

Organizations can correlate unstructured information from multiple sources to recommend next best actions or specific content. Whether it’s social interactions on social media, community discussions or email, calls or chat, Coveo’s Insight Solutions for Customer Service can provide more consistent and satisfying customer experiences no matter the channel.

The next time you find yourself wondering what all your multi-channel experiences mean, look no further than Multi-Channel Text Analytics in Coveo 7.0. By not only giving organizations access to, but making sense of vast amounts of unstructured data, in near real time, the customer experience will benefit, as will the bottom line.

Coveo 7.0 is currently in beta and will be generally available in Q1 2012.