In 2013, content marketers are putting more content in more places as their budgets increase, a Content Marketing Institute report found, and the companies who follow this pattern are following the best practices in the industry.

Despite how much content is being put out there, however, many content marketers in fact believe they aren’t doing enough, with 64% saying they were challenged with producing enough content.

More Content, More Social

Businesses are using content in more ways than ever, and the report found social media is now the most popular place to find it. Video, however, has grown in popularity the fastest, with 70% if marketers saying they use it compared to 52% in the previous year’s study.

Content Marketing Institute produced the report with help from MarketingProfs, and it included over 1,400 responses from North American B2B marketers in August 2012. It found the most effective content marketers to be spending a higher percentage of their budgets on content marketing.

Additionally, the report found the most effective content marketers had more buy in from higher ups like executives.


Social media usage took over from website articles as the most popular tactic in content marketing for 2013.

Content Marketing Challenges

While over 90% of companies surveyed said they do employ content marketing, many still were having trouble producing enough content as we noted above. Furthermore, companies also said they were challenged by producing a wide enough variety of content, and by producing engaging content.

Other challenges listed by percentage were:

  • 39% Lack of budget
  • 33% Inability to measure content effectiveness
  • 26% Lack of knowledge, training/resources
  • 25% Lack of integration across marketing
  • 22% Lack of buy in or vision
  • 14% Can’t find trained content marketers

Companies said they were struggling to produce enough content, but in the previous year’s study, the top complaint was they couldn’t produce engaging enough content. The percentage of companies who said the same thing this year plummeted from 42% to just 18%, a signal that engagement is up for most. Put that together with the rise in social media usage and it seems content marketers have found a winning formula.

Let us know in the comments if the rise of social media has you feeling more engaged or if your fear of missing out is triggered by the constant stream of information.