Information management technology vendor Coveo is introducing Coveo for Salesforce, an integration that brings functionality from Coveo’s enterprise unified indexing engine into the Salesforce environment.

Helping Salesforce Users Deal with Information Fragmentation

In an interview with CMSWire, Coveo CEO Louis Tetu said his company has been launching indexes to search high volumes of heterogeneous content, including Web and social media content, within enterprise systems. “The unified index delivers insight to end users,” he said. “It quickly assembles consolidated views of information.”

Now Coveo is productizing that technology into, allowing users of the Salesforce Sales and Connect modules to view contextualized outside content. “It can bring context for customer communications about a particular issue,” explained Tetu. “Or bring information from SharePoint documents or correlate information from the R&D department. It’s the long-promised 360-degree view of the customer.”

Although Coveo developed the integration independently, Tetu said during the process Coveo did work with some product management personnel at Salesforce and that Salesforce was “highly aware” of the application. “Our efforts are highly complementary to what Salesforce is trying to do,” he stated.

Tetu identified the “high degree of fragmentation of information” as the biggest challenge for users of cloud-based CRM solutions like “You can embrace a large, fragmented information ecosystem, rather than try to input or duplicate everything.”

Tetu said Coveo for Salesforce performs the same type of informational aggregation and indexing that search engines like Google and Yahoo do for the entire World Wide Web with a variety of information systems.

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Features of Coveo for Salesforce include real-time delivery of consolidated and correlated information using advanced indexing and text technologies on cloud, enterprise and social data, virtual timelines of consolidated customer and prospect interactions, an intuitive admin interface enabling multiple workgroup configurations and automatic linking of objects and combinations of data.

Enhancing the Salesforce Information Flow

Coveo is not the only vendor that recently released a Salesforce integration designed to enhance the flow of information within and across Salesforce. In April 2012, web content management provider Kentico released a connector for Salesforce Sales Cloud, automating the process of moving leads to the sales team, eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual processes.

The new connector leverages the lead management and scoring capability added in the most recent release of Kentico’s content management platform and allows organizations to replicate them into Salesforce. The connector supports filtering by score, so that only highly qualified leads presented to the sales team. This approach makes it possible to create scenarios for special campaigns. Currently, the connector only supports sending leads to Salesforce, but additional use cases may be supported in the future.