DataSift Adds Instagram, Facebook Page + Google+ Data Sources
DataSift, an enterprise social data company, has added Instagram, Facebook Page and Google+ data to its managed data offering, and partnered with analytics and visualization vendor Tableau on data integration.

Which Social Channels to Choose from?

As if businesses could keep up with the fire hose of information already out there on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, now they have to begin looking at data from places like Google+ and Instagram. Goolge+ is already the second most popular social site, by some measures, and it's only been around for about two years.

Datasift is now offering aggregate data of these popular sites through their public developer interfaces, and companies will be able filter relevant data from them for behavior and sentiment insights. Large companies sometimes have dozens and dozens of Facebook Pages across different departments, and DataSift will allow them all to be viewed in one stream, for example.

Facebook is a popular place to analyze for businesses mining relevant data, but it is still a complicated place for many, and DataSift is working to change all that, Francesco D'Orazio, chief innovation officer at Facegroup, a DataSift customer said in a statement.

Mining sentiment from social media with DataSift includes features like extracting topics and sentiment around what fans are posting on those fan pages. Additionally, businesses can figure how deftly their content is picking up new fans, a good sign it is finding new customers.

Integrate data from outside the enterprise with business data for maximum insight.

Tableau Partnership

Tableau has formalized its partnership with DataSift, and companies like The Information Lab have been using the integration previous to the announcement. Tableau customers will be able to pull in social media data and combine it with business data at scale so it can analyzed and geared to make better decisions across many levels of a business.

Tom Brown, founder of The Information Lab calls the combined power of DataSift and Tableau a game changer, and said it offers a simple solution to a complex problem. The companies will be demonstrating the integrated product this week at the LeWeb'13 conference in London, prospective customers will likely be looking at just how precisely the data can be configured, sliced and drilled into.

It probably looks a bit like a recent DataSift and Splunk integration announced back in April. This offering takes a similar approach of combining social data with enterprise data, only through the Splunk platform instead of Tableau. DataSift also released an open source, embeddable version of its Query Builder tool earlier this year, a move designed to allow customers to quickly build a customizable graphical interface that parses DataSift social media data.

DataSift starts at US 3,000 per month for 25,000 data processing units, and goes up to a US $15,000 per month version. At the low end, keyword based filters can be created to track tens of thousands of keywords, and at the high end, two years or more of social data can be crunched in real time filters.