Let's take a quick look at a few releases out this week aimed at increasing social and business insights, enabling video collaboration and putting your SharePoint show on the road.

DataSift and Splunk Join Forces

Social data platform provider DataSift announced a strategic partnership with big data platform vendor Splunk. DataSift users now have the ability to stream data from social streams into the Splunk Storm and Splunk Enterprise platforms, cutting down on analytics times "to minutes" according to DataSift Founder and CTO Nick Halstead.

The integration also makes it possible to analyze and correlate data from social, operational and business streams simultaneously, allowing a fuller view of organizational strategies. The cloud based solution is self-service and according to DataSift relieves organizations of the need for Business Intelligence experts and system administrators.

bigtincan's SharePoint Hub

Bigtincan announced its SharePoint hub this week, providing secure access to SharePoint functionality available now on iOS and Android , with HTML5 support down the line. On top of the ability to view, publish and sync content within SharePoint, the app also gives users the ability to mix content from other sources including other Web CMSs, a user's hard drive or network drive with SharePoint materials. The app is free and available now in the Apple App Store or in Google Play. 

Citrix DIY Webcasting & Beta HDFaces Webinar Tools

Feeling handy? This week Citrix released GoToWebcast, a self-service subscription based webcasting tool which can handle audiences of up to 5,000 viewers. The GoToWebcasts are browser based, making them viewable on mobile devices as well as computers. The tool includes capabilities to poll and chat with audiences as the webcast occurs.

The company also launched in beta its HDFaces GoToWebinar, expanding its line of high definition tools which include GoToTraining and GoToMeeting. Citrix is betting on video as the future of collaboration allowing for "dynamic communications" rather than traditional presentation and voiced based webinars. 

Google+ Comments in Blogger

Comments on blog posts can inspire discussion, open up new ideas and let's face it, sometimes hurt. But good or bad, it's always necessary to know what's being said about you, especially if you are a brand. Google introduced the ability to integrate comments from Google+ into their Blogger posts. Once you've enabled the feature, any public comments made on your content on Google+ will show automatically in the Blogger post. Is this a ploy to drive more traffic to Google+ or to Blogger -- hard to tell, but can be handy for those still on Blogger.