Google+ Takes Over Second Place in US Social Media Rankings

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Google+ is now more popular than Twitter among social networks in the US, according to a survey of 2,500 people by an ad firm called Burst Media.


Facebook Still #1

It's no surprise Facebook is still the king of social networks in the US, but this survey shows Google+ now ahead of Twitter by about 10 percentage points. That might not count for much considering a sample size of this amount, but it does show Twitter is pretty much firmly in third place now.

Furthermore, while Google+ might be ahead in raw numbers, it's likely not nearly as influential. Yes, more people may be signed up for the Google+ service, but how many use it, even sporadically? That data was not revealed in this survey, but technically, the same thing could be said about any social network. Many Facebook users only check in occasionally, so it's not like Google+ has the market cornered on people who hardly ever use the service after they sign up.

The difference with Google+ is in how the company has approached getting new users in the first place. Once Google changed its terms of service, anyone with a Google account now gets regular invites to join Google+ from within the apps they already use. Use Gmail? You likely have gotten dozens of Google+ invites not only from Google, but from friends inviting you to the service at the behest of the company as well. 


Updated Google+ app for iOS devices includes Google Offer posts in the stream.

Learning Opportunities

Pinterest, LinkedIn Round Out Top 5 Social Networks

Twitter came in third among both men and women in the survey, and Pinterest was fourth among women with LinkedIn pickup up the fourth spot among men. Pinterest was the only network where user numbers were not nearly equal among men and women with about 20% of women saying they had accounts compared to just 5% for men.

LinkedIn was actually closer to Twitter than Twitter was to Google+ in this survey. About a quarter of men and women said they had Google+ accounts compared to about 16% for Twitter and about 14% for LinkedIn. Perhaps LinkedIn will overtake Twitter as well eventually, but for the near future, the top two seem to be firmly in place.

Google+ has recently rolled out a familiar feature that both Facebook and Twitter had been taking full advantage of in the last few years. Social sign in. Now, Google+ users have the ability to log in to their favorite sites via a Google+ account, something many sites already did with Facebook and Twitter. This move will only make Google+ more valuable to websites because they will then have much richer data to work with from those log in via Google+. Use it or not, love it or hate it, Google+ simply cannot be avoided anymore.

Tell us in the comments if you've given in to the constant Google+ join requests or if you are staunchly oppossed to a Goolge social network.


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