Enterprise social data platform, DataSift has announced an open source, embeddable version of Query Builder, its visual interface tool that filters and curates social data.

DataSift, who most recently partnered with bit.ly to provide a deeper analysis of social conversations and click streams and received US$ 7.2 million in development funding, is always looking to improve how businesses gather their social data, especially considering how important is has become to marketers.

Businesses need to move beyond standalone, social media monitoring tools and concentrate on social data mining and analysis, according to the company's blog. This is where tools like Query Builder come in as they can combine social and enterprise data to give users a more complete picture of engagement and business insights.

What is Query Builder?

Launched last August, Query Builder is a graphical user interface that connects to the Datasift firehose of social data. It helps easily create filters that monitors social websites, like Facebook and Twitter and reports back on key findings both in a real-time and historical context so you don't have to understand the DataSift Curated Stream Definition Language. At the time of its launch, Datasift CEO Rob Bailey said that the goal of the Query Builder product and simultaneous release Push (a data delivery system) was to make it easier for enterprises to sort through, manage and track social data, so they can understand what is being said about their company and act accordingly.

Open Sourced and Embedded

With the launch of the embeddable, open source version of Query Builder, DataSift is adding to what the product can do. By taking the tool open source anyone who uses Query Builder will be able to integrate it with any platform or application they choose -- even if it’s not from DataSift.

In being embeddable, Datasift gives users more control and input into how Query Builder is used within a company, as it can be re-skinned and customized to fit a business' personal preferences. Built in Javascript, it can be embedded into a mobile app, a web page or web application or a blog.

Increasingly, social analytics and action are becoming embedded into a wide range of enterprise applications, from social recruiting to social marketing," said Nick Halstead, Founder and CTO of DataSift. "With the launch of our open source embeddable visual Query Builder, developers can go beyond simple social filtering to sophistication that the market is now demanding."

These features are readily available for those who already use or want to try Query Builder.