Digital Marketing Briefs: SalesFUSION v8, Chief Customer Experience Officers Dish on Social Media

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Consero Group LLC -- 2013 Customer Experience Data Survey.

The customer experience, it's not just a passing thought in digital marketing, it’s a core focus as seen from the countless products dedicated to improving it, which include this week's marketing briefs.

Purple Cloud

Usually when a person enters a store they know what they want or need to buy, but sometimes need assistance in finding it. This experience is getting an upgrade through technology that was created by Josh Shatkin-Margolis, the founder of search retargeting company Magnetic -- according to a report fromLaurie Sullivan of the Online Media Daily.

Shatkin-Margolis has developed Purple Cloud,“social and mobile lead generation platform,”that is designed to improve the way customers connect with brands and stores through a digital ‘greeter’ technology.

According to Sullivan, the app platform connects to a retailer’s web space and works much like a human greeter, but addressesthe potential customer by name and helps them find what they are looking for.In order to have this more personalized shopping experience, a customer has to download the Purple Cloud app, which is then connected to their social media accounts. For example, if a user tweets about an item they like, Purple Cloud will send the retail company an email to notify them about this interest and include a photo of this person from their social media profile and through geo-fencing technology lets that retailer know when the person enters the store.

The technology is currently being tested by 10 different retail companies.

Jive Resonata

Following customer leads aren't the only way that companies and brands can improve the customer experience, there is also analytics data. Jive Software has a variety of updates announced for its community analytics tool, the first being that Jive Resonata, is now available for Jive 6 users. With Resonata, Jive 6business users can monitor customer communities and receive information about customer concerns, influencers and trends through interactions with other customers, whichin turn can help create a better marketing strategy, improve the community experience and company revenue stream.


customer community data

Other additions to Resonata include Business Foresight, a internal communities analytics tool that allows managers to measure employee insight, such as health sentiment and behavioral trends. The other tool, Impact Metrics is also for employees, it measures how effective communication is between colleagues by seeing how much reach impact and influence for what a person shares on the Jive platform has with others.


Cloud-based marketing automation software provider, SalesFUSION has announced version 8.0 of its marketing automation software. Version 8.0 features updates on prospect nurturing, conversion rate testing, sales enablement and event management.

Learning Opportunities

With SalesFUSION's designer tool, companies can create and nurturepotential leads by bringing together sales and marketing. The two departments work together by integrating the lead to sales process with the the company’s marketing platform so that, for example, sales and marketing representatives can respond to lead alerts and do follow-up assignments more efficiently.

With the sales enablement tools, the sales team now has the ability to view “call downs” or potential customers from within the company’s CRM platform who have responded to marketing events or campaigns. In order to follow-up with these potential customers, SalesFUSION can be integrated with GoToMeeting, while meetings with these prospects are scheduled through ScheduleMe. Also, with the online event management tool users can create webinars and have more control of these and other kinds of events by adopting Citrix and WebEx. Also, with the multi-page conversion rate testing tool, marketers can test content such as a form or post on a social media site and compare them to see which will be the most popular and increase the customer conversion rate.

A Chief Customer Experience Officer Survey

Updated and new product releases aren't the only digital marketing news making headlines this week; the Consero Group LLC has also released information from their 2013 Customer Experience Data Survey.

As part of the survey, the organization interviewed 40 different Fortune 1000 chief customer experience officers. Through questions that focused on staff and budget size, organization and access, the impact of social media and salary rates it was found that while customer experience is becoming even more of a high priority, the position of Chief Customer Experience Officer isn't an easy job.

Regarding budgets, the report noted that most respondents saw little to no budget change from 2012 to 2013. Thiry-eight percent sawa one to five percent increase, while 15percent saw no change even though the amount of staff members in the department increased for most,with 50 percent saying they saw a one to 10 percent increase in staff size.

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One key problem from the report is that while most respondents said they had enough departmental resources, 67 percent said they didn't feel their department could handle the risk associated with social media, and 50 percent said that the rise of social media has made their job more difficult.

Overall though, the report did note that the Chief Customer Experience Officer is expected to play an important role over the next few years when it comes to improving customer-company relations -- if they have access to the proper tools and technology, and can harness the power of social media.