Cirrus Insight is putting a lot of stock into making the Gmail experience better for marketers and salespeople.

Last fall, the CRM app developer out of Laguna Hills, Calif., united Salesforce and Gmail on mobile devices. Then in February it added marketing automation capabilities via Pardot and Hubspot

Its latest move comes today and involves bringing Eloqua's marketing automation to Gmail, opening up capabilities for enterprises.

This integration is unique: nobody else does it," Brandon Bruce, COO and co-founder of Cirrus Insight, told CMSWire. "And it's different than the others because of the customers that Eloqua serves, which tend to be enterprise. The ... integration provides an enterprise solution to often segregated marketing and sales departments and intelligence."

Eloqua and Salesforce

Essentially, Cirrus Insight's movement has been about uniting marketing and sales.

How? Eloqua customers who use Salesforce will have access to all of their marketing automation intelligence right in their Gmail inbox without having to toggle back and forth between the two programs.

customer experience, Cirrus Insight Brings Eloqua Marketing Automation to Gmail

What pain point does it solve and for whom? Bruce told CMSWire that data won't have to be siloed inside Eloqua and the CRM.  

It liberates the data and puts it in front of salespeople where they interact with prospects and customers: the inbox."  

Silos between marketing and sales, Bruce said, are much more pronounced in large enterprise organizations. With the Eloqua integration with Gmail and Salesforce, salespeople can drop prospects into custom campaigns right from the inbox.

Learning Opportunities

"Since Eloqua serves the enterprise, our solution reaches that many more employees at once and makes a more pronounced effect," he added.

Oracle/Eloqua Roadmap

Eloqua, of course, is more than a year into being acquired by Oracle. About five months later, Oracle/Eloqua were named as leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Lead Management software.

Gartner said Eloqua scored highly in product functionality and its growing ecosystems of marketing service providers and partners. It has maintained strong sales execution and growth in the face of an increasingly tough market and rapid technological change in the market.

Concerns included integration points as well as integration with sales force technologies. In some use cases, Gartner reported, it takes longer to get up and running than other lead management offerings. 

Forrester also had Eloqua as one of the top marketing automation providers.

Cirrus Insight's Bruce called marketing automation a "necessary tool in the digital marketer's toolkit because it enables continuous, long-term, targeted, personalized communications with prospects and customers, and because it provides metrics about prospects/customers by tracking leads/contacts across multiple channels: email, websites, digital media."