Enter Swipp - Another Way to Let Us Know How Much You Love or Hate Something

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You pick a topic like “hot chocolate,” move your finger across a slider to indicate how much your love or hate it, and a number value and smiling/frowning animated face reflects your expressed feeling. Then you see how others rate it. Welcome to Swipp -- a new “social intelligence platform” for both consumers and businesses. 

This week, the Silicon Valley startup launched its approach to detecting and then sharing the much sought-after wisdom of the crowd. This is how it works -- the hate/love slider runs from -5 to +5, users select their choice and can see the average rating by others on the global platform, they can also add a photo or comment about that particular topic. The real-time results can be filtered by friends, location, age or gender.

Ten Million Topics

In addition to the mobile app, Swipp has also unveiled a Swipp Plus version so that websites can embed a widget. An API is available for integration into other applications.

At launch, the platform offers ten million topics. In order to make sure there are local topics, the company said it has an “on-ground network of social ambassadors” in the U.S., U.K., Brazil and Spain. While the consumer app is free, the business model is built around selling data and trend analysis.


Co-founder/CEO Don Thorson told news media that his company is attempting to “take all the ideas, thoughts and comments that are currently being lost and bring them together in meaningful new ways.” The new way, according to Swipp, is that instead of social opinions oriented around users and their friends, this platform is oriented around topics, which could be, say, a famous person, a location, a brand or some other thing.

Learning Opportunities

Swipping the Super Bowl

Thorson has said that Swipp believes its topic orientation provides a more “granular” view of people’s sentiments about products, services, political ideas and other subjects than, say, Facebook.

Event-based Swipps premiere with one for this year’s Super Bowl, in which users can swipp their opinions about individual players, commercials, ads or brands and see the aggregate value, and some of the comments offered by others.

The key question is whether this platform -- which has been in development for two years -- offers insights to businesses, or useful/entertaining information to users that is not available through countless other ways. To mention just a few, you can find reactions to topics on Pinterest, ratings on Yelp, and topic-based groups of comments on Branch.

CMSWire also offers commenting. How would you swipp Swipp on a sliding scale?