This week for our Facebook app of week, we take a look at TidalWave, an app design tool.

Who are TidalWave?

Launched in 2007, TidalWave Interactive provides users with tools for customer engagement and product promotion without having the need to write code. In principle, TidalWave is quite similar to other former apps of the week such as iFrapp and App builder, both of which help with application development .

Tidal Wave and Facebook

Unlike the other two applications, TidalWave is centered around the idea of Fan Relationship Management or FRM. With FRM, a company builds a customer profile based on how many apps a fan ‘responds’ to. TidalWave's app creation platform focuses on input data as some of the applications that can be created include contests, customer service tabs, order forms and donation pages.

Depending on the type of app being used, a business can get access to basic Facebook profile information such as a user’s birth date, Facebook name and email. Using this information the business will have a profile on that person and can create a more personalized customer experience.

Other features include:

  • Integration with Paypal for apps that require a payment service.
  • A visual promotion builder that posts on timeline walls, but helps promote an app through tweets and LinkedIn posts.
  • The ability to add video and audio features to any of the forms.
  • Data can be downloaded in a csv file and opened in a spreadsheet or database from any device, at anytime.

Pricing for TidalWave is based on number of fans or followers of your Facebook page and ranges from US29.00/month for up to 2500 fans/page followers to US$249/month for between 100k and 500k fans/followers

Improving Engagement by Being Engagement-Centric Organization

TidalWave wants to create a solid user base by being as helpful as possible with a series of blog posts that center on a “how to do” topic or theme.

For example, in preparation for Valentine's Day, the company posted a blog tutorial on how to create a contest, event invite or greeting for the holiday by picking particular images, messages and color schemes.


Other recent tutorials and how to posts include how to publish content in Spanish and ways to make an app have a longer shelf life.

Have you used TidalWave for your Facebook Apps? How does it work for you? Let us know in the comments.