For our last Facebook Feature of the Week for March, we’re looking at Pages Manager, an app that's designed to let users keep track of developments on their Facebook pages.

What is Pages Manager?

Launched in 2012 with an iOS app (the Android version was released earlier this year), Pages Manager is designed to let page administrators keep track of up to 50 company service or product pages from their mobile devices.

Before launching this tool, Facebook users who needed to moderate pages had to to use the regular Facebook app, but this didn't give them any administrative controls.

Being away from your desktop is no excuse for not managing your Facebook page," said CMSWire's Marisa Peacock. "Additionally, there is so much that I can get done from my iPhone that it’s astounding that it took so long for Facebook to offer this functionality."

With Pages Manager, users can look at fan activity and connect with fans through messaging and targeted posts based on analytics and insights data. In order to access pages, administrators merely have to look at the Side Menu on the app to see what pages are listed.

The analytics data that users have access to depends the device being used. For iOS devices, users can see total likes, who is talking about the page, weekly total reach and trends data. Android users can see total likes, who is talking about the page and weekly total reach.


Other Pages Manager Features

Additional features included with the apps are:

  • The ability to delete a post.
  • Content that can be shared include status updates, links, pictures and other relevant media or content.
  • A push notifications option.
  • The ability to filter and regulate content availability  by making it public or private.
  • Access to private messages which can be responded to under the page name, instead of the administrator's name.

The Votes are In on Pages Manager

Overall, the Pages Manager appears to be a good investment for those who need to monitor their Facebook pages on the go.

This app will make it much easier for Page administrators to separate personal accounts from Pages, enabling them post updates…get notifications about new activity on the Pages they manage and respond in a more timely manner from wherever they are,” said Loren Bartley of Impactiv8.

Unfortunately, some features were left out, such as a detailed analytics report. Despite negative customer feedback and having a few issues himself, Bilal Ahmad of Tech Maish found Pages Manager to be a worthwhile investment.

Facebook Pages Managers keeps the interface simple and you don’t have to spend a lot of time figuring out the controls,” he says. “Even though the insights offered by the app are not detailed like Google Webmaster, it is pretty useful and gives you an overall idea about your page.”