Facebook Policy Changes Have Been Delayed

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The proposed changes to Facebook’s privacy policy have been delayed so that the social network can properly review feedback.

A Deferment

Recently, Facebook announced that it would be implementing some policy changes relating to how it uses member information following a lawsuit settlement early last week. In short, the proposal suggested changes and clarified terms in the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and Data Use Policy. After publishing this proposal Facebookasked for member feedback, which has been overwhelming and has caused the social network, according to a report from Jessica Guynn of the LA Times, to wait and make these changes after they've sorted through all of the comments.

"We are taking the time to ensure that user comments are reviewed and taken into consideration to determine whether further updates are necessary and we expect to finalize the process in the coming week," a Facebook representative wrote in an email statement to the LA Times.

Guynn says that the changes are now expected to be made next week, but didn't give the exact date.

An Opinionated Response

Despite Facebook using this update and clarification as a way to improve its relationship with members, not everyone is seeing the policy as a good thing. Guynn says there are still a few concerns that members should be aware of.

Learning Opportunities

The new language says users automatically give Facebook the right to use their information unless they specifically deny the company permission to do it,” she wrote. “At the same time, Facebook made it more complicated to opt out.”

Vindu Goel also mentions that issues remain with how Facebook uses images and other information for targeted advertising purposes.

Previously, the company’s terms of use, and its settlement with the F.T.C., had indicated that it wouldn’t use such personal data without explicit consent,” he wrote. “Facebook’s new terms would also allow it to use the names and photos of teenagers in advertising, an area of particular concern to privacy advocates because children may be unaware of the consequences of actions such as liking a brand page.”

Social Network News

Along with the settlement and Facebook’s attempt to change its policies and guidelines, the social media site has been in the news for a few other items of note. These include the addition of shared photo albums, an update to its promotions policy and a change its third-party app permissions policy.

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