Advertisers and marketers who use Facebook will now be able to boost their company’s profile and encourage more fan interaction through a Promoted Likes feature.

Popularity Improves Popularity

For some products and services, its popularity can now be determined by how many people like its Facebook fan page. Although up until recently, if a user wanted to see how many likes a page had they had to visit it, but by adapting the Promoted Likes feature a business can share this information from the advertisement, which can help improve engagement and revenue rates.

Designed for small businesses, the feature was originally introduced in a beta format in late 2012 for U.S users. Now globally available, it could also help SMB’s compete against larger companies for fans and exposure -- much like the promoted posts feature.

The [Promoted Likes] feature is aimed at small- to mid-sized businesses that are using Facebook for marketing, but don't necessarily have the resources to work with a Facebook ad rep or third-party partner and don’t have the time to invest in mastering the ad platform themselves,” said Brittany Darwell of All Facebook. “Promoted Posts have already been a successful way to help SMBs get their messages into the News Feed. Now they’ll have an equally easy way to create ads that bring in more page Likes.”


How Does it Work?

To start using Promoted Likes, all a user has to do is to go to their administration panel and select their daily budget, which is also how much a business will pay each day for use of the service. This budget can go as low as US$ 5 a day with an average of five to 32 likes a day. Other options are US$ 10 a day with seven to 64 likes and US$ 20 with 14 to 129 likes.

After selecting a budget and clicking promote page, users see a preview of the advertisement and then select the target audience by city, state or country.

Ads will continue to run until a user manually stops it.

An Advertiser’s Dream

Over the past few months Facebook has been slowly adding to the tools it offers advertisers and marketers, so Promoted Likes is just a small part of a continuous string of updates and releases.

In April it was reported that Facebook would be introducing video advertisements for US$ 1 million each, while it also improved the API and added a reply feature for comment threads and added a Facebook exchange tool for those who want to target their ads based on a person’s news feed.