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Facebook Insights Update

The updates to Facebook continue as its Facebook Insights branch debuts a new look that's designed to make data easier to understand and more actionable.

It’s All About Clarity

Facebook is commonly seen as a good component of your digital marketing platform for engagement and fan interaction, but a recent blog post notes all of its features are not foolproof. According to user feedback, the Facebook Insights tool could be more organized and in-depth so that marketers can put this data to better use, which has led to a few of its features being updated

There are few different components with this update, with the first being that stats that were previously grouped together, such as People talking About This (PTAT) and Virality have been broken into separate charts and metrics,so that it’s easier to understand where this data is coming from.

With PTAT, marketers will be able to see individual reports on page engagement such as likes, people engaged, page tags and mentions and check-ins. As for the Virality data, the ‘page post quality' has been renamed 'engagement rate' and will now also show marketers how many clicks were made to a page.

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New Facebook Insights

Despite Insights showing marketers a demographic breakdown of users they reached by by age, gender, country, city and language, it didn't state if these fans were engaged or not with the posted content. With this update marketers will be able to not only tell exactly who they've connected with, but also if there was some sense of engagement from the interaction.

Learning Opportunities

These updates are currently available in a beta format to a select group of users, with a more public release expected within the next few months. Facebook also notes that at this time there won't be any changes made to the Page Insights export or API.

A Better Marketing Experience

Even though the new service isn't yet available to all users, many are still looking forward to how easy it will make marketing.

I need analytics that spell out the correlation between my content, my visitors and which bits of content get them excited,” wrote Cynthia Boris. “Looking at these upcoming changes, I think I’ll finally get a handle on what’s working and what’s not.”

Also, because of these changes marketers will be able to get a more complete picture of who exactly they are engaging with.

Facebook has been trying to find ways to make it easier for page admins to understand when a post is gaining popularity … but now marketers can see how many times a post has been clicked on, as well as negative engagement such as hides and indications of spam," wrote Justin Lafferty of Inside Facebook.

Making the Social Network More Social

Facebook, who just yesterday announced that it had reached one million advertisers, has been making a few changes and adding new features that could potentially benefit marketers. Recent updates include the addition of hashtags, a new promoted likes feature and a profile verification option.

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