FlixMaster Interactive Mobile Video MArketing
Flixmaster, an interactive online video creation platform, has announced that its videos can now be viewed on mobile devices.

A Mobile, Interactive Experience

Since its inception, video has been a marketing tool, but it hadn't made much of an impact until recently with platforms such as Brainshark and LinkedIn. Most of the time these videos merely show a product demonstration or a recycled television commercial and then offered click-through to a website or social media page.

The cloud-based FlixMaster changes how video can be used with its interactive video creation platform. Now it has expanded its product's reach and is helping marketers capitalize on the mobile marketby making videos available for viewing on iPhone and Android devices.

Engaging and interacting with consumers is paramount when it comes to video, and a big component of this interactivity is meeting the demands of an increasingly mobile consumer," said William Schungel, digital campaign manager of Philips Global, a technology company that uses the FlixMaster platform.

By giving viewers a well-rounded video experience, digital marketers are able to better engage with them and create a better customer experience, reach more customers and improve their company’s conversion rates.

Learning Opportunities

How Does FlixMaster Work?

After signing up for a FlixMaster account, users can upload video clips and drag and drop them into the editor. From there, marketers and video editors can add a variety of buttons that can, for example, link to other videos and websites and give e-commerce customers the ability to add products to their cart, without having to leave the video.

Users also have the ability to edit videos at anytime, even after publication and can see how the video and its content is being used with analytics reports.

The finished video canbe posted to a social media page or embedded on a website and viewed on a mobile device, as well as desktop and laptop devices. Also, unlike other mobile features, viewers don't need to download any additional software or apps to watch a FlixMaster video.

FixMaster was founded in 2010 and its interactive video technology for mobile campaigns is already being used by companies like Maybelline and Ogilvy & Mather Advertising. The company also has plans to reinvent and rebrand itself in the coming months, but haven't released any further details at this point.