Get Satisfaction Debuts Responsive Design, Drops Free Version

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Get Satisfaction Debuts Responsive Design, Drops Free Version
Social forum provider Get Satisfaction has debuted a responsive design layout, dropped its free version, and refocused itself around the user generated content its community spaces help foster.

Marketing Gold Spun from Crowdsourced Media

As a company that builds social communities for people to write reviews, ask questions and find answers about products and services, Get Satisfaction has long been in the so called user generated media game. One of its selling points has often been that the content produced by so many different people is really quite useful in search engine optimization.

When someone searches for something on their mobile device, for example, if they find a helpful online forum that answers their question, that person is more likely to go back to that page for more info. Really the same can be said for any kind of website, but most websites only produce content from the people running it.

With a system like Get Satisfaction, the customer communities organizations can set up are much more interactive, and even social. This built in ability to harness the power of the social Web seems to be giving companies like Get Satisfaction some more or less organic marketing juice for companies to help find and retain customers.

Learning Opportunities

Some of this kind of crowd sourcing has been characterized by Gartner as social CRM, a report Get Satisfaction was featured in in 2012.  Now, analysts at Forrester have taken many of the same social CRM players, and plugged them into a new paradigm; one it calls social depth.

The Manage Workspace allows moderators to see content all in one place.

What is Social Depth?

When Forrester released its 2013 Wave for Social Depth platforms, it included community and marketing tools that help turn websites into social hubs, and Get Satisfaction earned a strong performer nod. Social depth infers the kinds of online communities and message boards Get Satisfaction can help build are key to attracting customers who are further along in thier journey.

As with other social networks like Facebook and Twitter, customers go to these sites looking for information, reviews, and questions and answers. Unlike those exterior sites, however, social depth systems are better at turning those visitors into customers, and that is also one of the reasons for Get Satisfaction's latest update.

By focusing on user generated content and putting it to work for customers, more marketing material can be put to use for the right person at the right time, Scott Hirsch, Get Satisfaction VP of content and product marketing, said in an interview.

In the Manage Workspace, pictured above, customers now have one high level view from which online communities can be moderated. Also in this update is a responsive design for the Community Application, and that means pages will resize to automatically fit the size screen they are on, regardless of device type, browser or operating system.

Get Satisfaction has also updated its pricing, and it is now done on an annual basis rather than monthly. The free Community version has also been done away with, Wendy Lea, CEO said.

"It simply takes longer than a month to get a community up and running," Lea said, "and we need to make sure our customers are set up to be successful."

Pricing + Integrations

Get Satisfaction now starts at US$ 425 per month, but all pricing plans include professional services, Hirsch noted. As customers move up the three pricing levels, they are allowed to integrate with a wider variety of tools like Marketo and Badgeville.

The Marketo integration is an interesting one given the company's recent release of its customer engagement engine, a smart marketing automation tool. We asked how deep Get Satisfaction is integrated with Marketo, and Hirsch painted the picture of a world where crowd sourced content from a community could be plugged right into Marketo's Smart Streams.

Once inside the smart streams, that content could be scheduled for delivery to the right person at the right time, and nudge people along on their customer journey. That level of integration isn't quite here yet, but that is the direction Get Satisfaction is heading, and this update is the first of many over the rest of 2013.