GinzaMetrics' Hybrid Search Function Battles Google Search Keyword Roadblock

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Google may have put a bit of a blindfold on marketers searching for keywords last month when it determined that all such searches are encrypted to prevent their keyword terms being read or monitored.

Rely on Google Adsense? Get used to “keyword not provided” staring at you.

Overcoming Secure Search

One provider plans to take the blinders off marketers with a hybrid solution it says addresses Google’s secure search update by allowing marketers to understand what keywords and content are driving users to brands.

GinzaMetrics, a search and content marketing platform, announces today what it calls “the only” hybrid solution -- a newly created Content Insights page where users can view page-level data pulled from their existing third-party analytics solution (Google Analytics, Adobe SiteCatalyst, etc.).

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“The pain point we're addressing is the need to understand what keywords and content are driving users to brands,” Erin Robbins O'Brien, chief operating officer of GinzaMetrics, told CMSWire this week. “With the latest updates from Google, specifically secure search -- keyword not provided -- marketers and search professionals have lost the ability to see this data at a granular level.”

How it Works

GinzaMetrics’ Content Insights integrates page-level analytics, social signals and proprietary algorithms to give marketers the most comprehensive picture of their content's performance, Robbins said. GinzaMetrics also surfaces recommendations at the site and page level to help users optimize campaigns and content, and decide what's working best to create more of it in the future. 

“Currently, we provide the only hybrid solution to handle the keyword not provided issue in our market,” Robbins told us, “and will be rolling out additional features that help marketers address Hummingbird as well.”

GinzaMetrics also integrates Content Insights with its Social Signals solution, which it says enables users to uncover Google’s emphasis on social signal interactions to search rankings: Facebook shares, likes and posts; Google +1’s; and Twitter tweets for content across a site and sorted by target keyword.

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Learning Opportunities

GinzaMetrics’ competitor analysis feature also allows users to view Social Signal data for selected competitors for further comparison.

The provider is offering a 14-day free trial. 

Evolving Search Functions for Marketers

Marketers today certainly have their options -- and challenges -- with using search in administering their programs. 

Last month’s announcement of encryption on all searches drastically changes things up for marketers relying on Google's AdSense and use of keywords. “Keyword Still, though, marketers will continue -- and have already begun to go around these barriers using Google webmaster tools. 

Then again, Google has also recently helped marketers with its new paid & organic report, to help AdWords users "analyze and optimize your search footprint on Google” by comparing paid and organic results, within AdWords. Before, reports showed paid and organic performance separately.

There is also the emerging semantic technology for search and marketing. We talked recently about the prediction that search would become increasingly semantic and graph-based. Semantic technology disrupts the traditional marketing experience as companies are turning to big data, algorithms, graph-data and automation to retain customers and increase sales.

The lesson here for marketers? Search is evolving, and zeroing in on one avenue may not be wise -- you just may run into a “not available” roadblock.