Gnip Lets You Dig into Twitter History

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Social data provider Gnip is taking an historical approach to Twitter. Gnip is launching Historical PowerTrack for Twitter, which the company says makes available every public tweet since the launch of Twitter in March 2006.

Gnip delivers more than 100 billion social media activities each month, providing access to public data from social media sources, including Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube and WordPress. Data is delivered in the customer’s preferred protocol and Gnip applies data add-ons including URL expansion, language detection and Klout scores. PowerTrack for Twitter allows users to perform analyses of tweets related to a specific topic, event or time period.

Going Beyond Real Time Analysis

The Boulder County Business Report (Gnip is based in Boulder, CO) lauds Gnip for going beyond real-time analysis with the new PowerTrack for Twitter product. “Social-media analysis has focused on real-time sentiment monitoring, which allows companies to spot trends and get feedback on their products,” states an article on the solution launch. “That's good for immediate reaction, but companies have nothing with which to compare it.”

Gnip executives are quoted as saying having access to historical data will give companies perspective on how one product launch compares with another and that access to the archive also allows users the chance to develop predictive models based on what Twitter users thought in the past. 

Learning Opportunities

Fighting Marketing Fires with a Firehose

A number of other social media solutions providers have also seen the value in offering customers access to the “firehose” of Twitter data. Russian search engine Yandex licensed Twitter's full public tweets in February 2012. As such, the search engine can index and push this content in relevant searches. And as far back as June 2010, Jive signed up for a Twitter Firehose license, allowing its users access to the full indexed Twitterstream. From the "Jive What Matters" dashboard in SBS, companies or enterprises can view all the messages about their organization -- like a rolling newsfeed about what is being said -- and react to it.

The brevity of tweets makes them especially valuable to marketers. Rather than having to sift through potentially long postings on Facebook, blog sites and chat forums, marketers can quickly determine if a tweet contains relevant sentiment and if so, whether it is positive or negative. Sometimes smaller is better.

Gnip also launched access to the full premium firehoses of public social data from Tumblr, Automattic (WordPress) and Disqus earlier this year. Gnip is a Twitter partner and companies including Esri, Union Metrics, Brandwatch, Waggener Edstrom Worldwide and Texifter tested during PowerTrack for Twitter during its early access period. Pricing for PowerTrack for Twitter has not been made public, but will be based on the volume of data a client analyzes.

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