Social media data provider Gnip will begin offering clients access to several more public APIs of some of the most popular social streams like Instagram, bitly and Stack Overflow, among others.

Turn On, Plug In, Pick Up Customer Data

Gnip promises its customers the ability to mine significant insight from the torrent of social media that exits today, and the company's Plugged In to Gnip campaign is designed to do just that.

The service funnels gushing waves of tweets, tumblogs, comments and blog posts from its premium publishers into customers' waiting chalices so they can consume the most salient tidbits. This can be a boon to marketers, no doubt, and the main sites this data comes from are Twitter, Tumblr, Disqua and WordPress.

However, public APIs available from sites like YouTube and Google+ are also included for customers of Gnip's Enterprise Data Collector. It is this set of sites being joined by the additions of Instagram, bitly, Stack Overflow, Reddit, Panoramio and Plurk, Gnip announced in a blog post.

One of the main services Gnip offers, besides premium access to the firehose of social data, is to pare that data down into a singular format. That way, Gnip says, data from Instagram will look the same as Twitter posts when it is analyzed. Data can be sorted faster once it is in this format, and any insights gleaned can be put to use more rapidly.


How much insight can the enterprise gain from Reddit posts? Gnip is betting it can gain plenty.

Instagram We Get, but Reddit?

Instagram is still one of the fastest growing social networks even after it got bought by Facebook. Ninety million active monthly members means a real gusher of data for those who seek it. But why Reddit, Gnip? The company suggests customers use Reddit data for finding brand mentions, but also for watching out for a crisis communication warning. In other words, look out for people complaining about their company on the site.

Reddit is more popular than ever, but the so called front page of the Internet is not quite a household name. It has 50 million members however, and they tend to be a tight knit, albeit quirky bunch. Members submit links to everything from news stories to image macros and people vote them up or down in ranking. We'd love to see some data on how Gnip customers are using information from Reddit after they get going with its API.

Panoramio is a photo sharing service that geotags Google Maps, so companies would be able to mine location based data from it. Plurk, on the other hand, is a sort of Twitter clone that is popular in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines and India. Obviously, this would be attractive to those focusing on Asia and, as Gnip says, understanding trending content.