Google+ Dashboard

Building a social and digital presence can be a trying task for many businesses, but Google aims to improve this with a new dashboard tool for Google+.

Monitoring Across the Google Platform

Despite its humble beginnings as a search-engine, the Google brand has grown into a web of tools that are not only designed to help the everyday user, but businesses as well.

Google+ has been steadily growing its marketing capabilities and tools since its soft launch in June 2011, such as the recent addition of an enhanced campaigns feature. Now, Google has expanded what Google+ can do for businesses with a dashboard that aims to improve how well marketers can monitor a business's social and other activities.

More specifically, users will be able to keep track of all activity their business does across Google and on Google+. The dashboard includes the ability to share content, start a hangout or assign page managers, while with the Overview tab users be able to update company info, including store hours and website URLs. These changes will not only appear in Google+, but in Maps and Search as well.

Within their local community marketers will be able to have "at-a-glance access" to Adwords Express and Offers campaigns and view data on what kind of search redirected users to their business, as well as being able to see preference stats on Google+ posts.

This is just a continuation of Google's has attempts to make life easier for businesses on the service,” writes Stephen Loeb. “It is obviously hoping that, by having more businesses on using Google tools, it will help drive ad sales.”

While the dashboard tool is designed to improve how business work within Google, users should note it’s only for businesses that currently use Google+. The Google Help page says that if a business is using Google Places for Business it should stay with Google Places instead of transitioning over to Google+.

An Integrated Google

For many, it appears that the launch of this dashboard tool is a way for Google to become even more interconnected, as users can manage a few different Google tools from one place.

We want to make it easier to manage your online presence -- all across Google -- so today we're getting started with Google+ Dashboard,” said Pavni Diwanji in a post announcing the new product.

It’s becoming less of a group of different products -- such as Adwords and Google+ -- that just happen to be under the Google banner and more of just Google, a one-stop marketing and engagement machine with Google+ at the helm.

Before long, we will likely reach a tipping point where if your business is not a part of Google+, it may be impossible to be found organically inside of Google,” writes Jon Parks.

A Few Other Updates

The dashboard isn't the only new addition to Google+, which was recently recognized as the second most popular social media site. In addition to the mentioned enhanced campaigns feature, Google has also added a way to post YouTube videos on pages and a content recommendation feature.