Google Snaps Up Wavii For Natural Language Search

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Wavii has closed down its existing summarizing service app after being acquired by Google, where it will likely fulfill the same role that Summly now does for Yahoo. 

A Boom in Natural Search

With Yahoo having recently relaunched its search app featuring the technology it acquired from Summly,  natural language search appears to be a hot ticket again. Google has snapped up Wavii, after a few days of rumors, who's app performed a broadly similar trick, providing themed news and information in an easy-to-read stream for users. 

The company started out trying link keywords and people on Facebook to produced result based on interests and started focusing on mobile users last year, the app has already vanished from iTunes. Google will likely integrate the technology into search results to provide a similar-to-Summly experience with brief encapsulations of stories or news you would like to read. 

Learning Opportunities

Pick Your Partner

Apparently, Apple was also interested in bidding for the company, so there may have been some hectic behind-the-scenes negotiating activity, before Wavii decided to go with Google. A mix of Wavii and Siri would have expanded its usefulness and perhaps got rid of so many queries ending in pointless Google results. 

The deal is rumored to be in the region of $30 million, which leaves us wondering who else is out there with similar technology that Apple could acquire, or will it be left to develop the technology for itself? If this becomes a goto technology for search, then expect more deals to take place in quick succession. Read the comments from Wavii's Adrian Aoun here.

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