Two years ago we examined the blurred lines that existed in job postings for social media managers and community managers. Now, a recent survey shows that social media is declining as a general job title as roles get more specialized to specific platforms. 

Social Media, Indeed

The folks at Indeed, a popular job search site, have taken a closer look at how the social media employment landscape has changed. What it found not only identifies job trends but also the top 15 cities in the United States who are hiring for jobs within the social media realm.

First, based on the sites internal data and insights, results showed that even though social media was not as prominently featured in job titles, more companies were including social media management as a part of the job descriptions. References to video platforms likes Vine and Instagram increased considerably, as did the mention of mobile.

Top Cities for Social Media

Secondly, for social media jobs, it's no surprise that New York and San Francisco dominate the top two spots. Whether its commercial brands, marketing agencies or tech firms, most companies are bound to be headquartered in either New York or San Francisco.

Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC round out the top five. Again, no real surprise there. The bottom ten cities, however, do represent a broad view of the country, speaking perhaps to the fact that social media's role cuts across industries now more than ever. 

Top Cities with “Social Media” in the Title or Description

  • New York, NY (1,938)
  • San Francisco, CA (869)
  • Chicago, IL (575)
  • Los Angeles, CA (545)
  • Washington, DC (463)
  • Atlanta, GA (416)
  • Boston, MA (386)
  • Seattle, WA (324)
  • Austin, TX (304)
  • San Diego, CA (190)
  • Houston, TX (178)
  • Portland, OR (157)
  • Dallas, TX (157)
  • Phoenix, AZ (157)

Despite the decline in job titles using social media, the medium isn't going away. Quite the contrary. More and more companies are including elements of social media in their job descriptions even if social media isn't in the title. And they're not just focusing on the common social media tools like Facebook and Twitter. By focusing on cutting edge platforms like Vine, Instagram and Pinterest, as well as mobile, companies are showing that they're trying to keep up with new and evolving platforms. Whether or not, their interest is strategic, it's shows that everyone, regardless of industry or location is trying to incorporate social into the way they work. 

Image credit: Shutterstock / Nan728