Hippo Leads Efforts to Create Web Experience Management Standards
OASIS, the open standards consortium, announced a new charter and technical committee, which will be led by David Nuescheler, VP and CTO of Customer Experience Management at Adobe, that will work toward creating web experience management standards. Hippo, along with a number of other open source vendors also plays a lead role in the effort. Adobe, Liferay, Magnolia, Nuxeo, Jahia, OpenText and SDL are also represented on the OASIS Web Experience Management Interoperability (WEMI) Technical Committee.


The proposed charter for OASIS Web Experience Management Interoperability (WEMI) Technical Committee was announced on open-oasis.org mailing lists on November 28. The announcement says that the technical committee will accept input from vendors' existing interfaces and domain models, and the input will be evaluated based on technical merit and how they conform to the new charter.

The technical committee will also lead the effort to produce a "reference implementation" and test suite that validates the specifications, which will be implemented as community open source projects. "The primary audience for the final output of this TC includes architects from WEM/WCM vendors and implementers, as well as system architects from organizations that use WEM systems," the charter says.

Developing Standards

In the announcement, one of the founders of Hippo, Tjeerd Brennink, explains:

Regardless of whether you think this is jargon, or just another word for 'personalized' content -- our belief is that developing standards for how this type of data can be made portable from tool to tool and how interoperability between different tools for content management, display, reporting, search indexing and meta data management all become an incredibly important factor for customers.

Our goal will be to agree on a simple domain model for WEM and, additionally, create an abstract set of standard features that would be commonly implemented by these types of tools. We will also be looking to identify future functionality that would be useful -- but may not yet exist."

Hippo was one of the first Java Open Source Web Content Management Solutions on the market more than ten years ago and is actively working with the Apache Software Foundation on the

Apache Rave

project. Apache Rave is a new Web and social mashup engine that will provide an extensible, lightweight Java platform to host, serve and aggregate Open Social Gadgets and services. With Hippo's open source history, the company is a good fit to help lead the effort to create WEM standards.

Kicking Things Off

Adobe will host the first meeting, which will be a teleconference on January 16. Although you can join the WEMI technical committee at any time, the deadline for being a Voting Member at the first meeting was January 9.