HootSuite Launches Internal Communications Tool
Enterprise social media management technology provider HootSuite is launching Conversations, an internal communications tool.

HootSuite Conversations is designed to allow real-time internal communications among individuals and teams from the HootSuite social media dashboard. Users can also rebroadcast Conversations comments and threads across other social networks, as well as import commentary from other social networks into Conversations.

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Contacts can be imported from Gmail and Yahoo accounts, and the application automatically recognizes when a contact is online. In addition, anyone with an email account can be invited to join a conversation -- HootSuite membership is not required.

Community Management Eased

According to BetaBeat, the new Conversations tool is a “community manager’s dream.” BetaBeat notes that Conversations will be “useful for corporate communications teams who collaborate on building content for various social channels on Hootsuite ... [it] can streamline a lot of the work that happens on other platforms into one dedicated place.”

BetaBeat mentions specific community management benefits such giving community and brand managers the ability to collaborate and provide feedback on content (like tweets and status updates) before publishing it. In addition, BetaBeat says customer service reps handling social media accounts can benefit from having “conversations surrounding specific tweets or updates.”

HootSuite Makes Team Effort for Business Users

Conversations gives HootSuite users an extension of the enterprise collaborative capabilities provided by the Teams tool. With Teams, HootSuite Pro users can integrate with Conversations to enable real-time communication among members of a specific internal group. This will allow organizations to govern content and manage access to social networks.

Administrators can configure the platform with their organizational structure and assign permissions at organization, team or social profile levels to ensure only appropriate users can post messages or respond to comments. HootSuite Teams also supports review-and-approval workflows.

In addition to the governance features, Teams users can perform group-focused tasks such as:

  • Assigning messages for follow-up
  • Adding multiple social networks to a team
  • Connecting team members to multiple teams

As businesses continue to migrate to social media for both internal and external communication, HootSuite continues to add new features and applications that make it easier for enterprises to connect their members. HootSuite Conversations is currently available in free beta. Basic HootSuite users can engage any individual in conversation, while HootSuite Pro users can engage in specific team conversations.