Managing social media teams with HootSuite just got a jolt of marketing juice, thanks to the integration of Compendium's content marketing tools.

Compendium helps companies create content for customized distribution, and its partnership with HootSuite now allows for that content to be saved as a HootSuite draft. Once the Compendium material is saved as a draft, it can then be scheduled and sent out to selected social networks.

Both Companies Growing

HootSuite and Compendium are both growing, and the list of their respective new integrations is proof of that. Because they are both involved in sharing the same or similar content to different networks and channels, this partnership is fairly intuitive.

Compendium has recently teamed up with marketing automation big shot Eloqua, and with cross-channel marketer ExactTarget. Both of those partnerships kicked off this summer, but more recently,

On the other side, HootSuite announced  Webtrends analytics integration, a new chat feature and a centralized Command Center tool in October.

Social Media Strategy

Compendium and HootSuite both can help companies build and deploy social media strategies, and Compendium even compiled some specific tactics it gathered from 200 companies into a little how-to infographic. It shows the best times to publish to each channel -- Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter -- how long the posts should be and a few do's and don'ts we never thought of.

HootSuite Teams Up with Compendium for Added Content Marketing Muscle
LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook have different peak visit times for B2C and B2B companies.

While this is hardly a controlled, comprehensive study, it does give insight into what many marketers are thinking when it comes to social media. We think the main takeaway here is that reusing original content is extremely valuable.

HootSuite and Compendium are hoping businesses will use their tools to help spread those messages to the right people at the right time. The free integration is available to all HootSutie Enterprise customers and is located in account settings.