IBM Launches New Global Customer Experience Consultancy IBMConnect

IBM Launches New Global Customer Experience Consultancy #IBMConnect

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Connecting on a global scale today for Boston Children's Hospital means thousands of stakeholders leveraging IBM's digital global platform — OPENPediatrics — to communicate, collaborate, innovate and share research about their pediatric care.

"Nothing breaks down borders better than caring for critically ill children," physician Jeffrey Burns, Chief of Critical Care at Boston Children's Hospital, told the audience this morning at IBM Connect in Orlando, Fla.

Customer Experience Meets Data 

This morning, IBM used Burns and Children's Hospital to help launch a new global consulting practice, IBM Interactive Experience. It combines the design capabilities and user experience experts from IBM Interactive with the data expertise of more than 100 IBM researchers from the company's Customer Experience Lab.

"Our clients understand the experience any individual has with their brands, products, services or strategy is the new point of entry to sustainable business relationships," Bridget van Kralingen, senior vice president of IBM Global Business Services, explained in this morning's keynote. "That experience will generate the most valuable information any enterprise can ever possess — information on individual preferences. So as our clients' front-office agendas drive the next era of business transformation, we're going to see traditional distinctions between strategy, analytic applications and the design of the individual experience, disappear."

customer experience, IBM Launches New Global Customer Experience Consultancy #IBMConnect

Clinical Collaboration

At Boston Children's, the clinical teams were inspired to collaborate better because of a "bottleneck inside our walls," Burns said. 

The platform is now used in 70 countries and includes more than 1,000 users who access the platform day and night and can download patient information even without Internet access.

"We can't move forward in medicine without collaboration," Burns said. "Our walls are bottle-necking the release and flow of information. We wanted a platform to connect with colleagues anywhere." 

Leader for Gartner

IBM Interactive has been noted among leaders in the digital marketing global agency space. Gartner's Magic Quadrant from 2012 had them up there alongside SapientNitro, Razorfish, R/GA and AKQA.

IBM Interactive — the software and technology giant's consulting arm — has long-term relationships with Global 1000 executives in every sector of the world, combines business strategy with surprisingly strong skills in creative services and UX, and has the ability to facilitate unity between a client’s CIO and CMO, according to Gartner's MQ.

Learning Opportunities

Gartner cautioned that IBM's emphasis on large organizations means that smaller firms may not get high priority. Further, there’s a complex sales model, Gartner added, and the firm is known for being expensive.

In Gartner's 2013 MQ on the same topic, IBM Interactive was still a leader, based on its breadth and depth of digital marketing services to clients. 

"IBM is noted for both technology and business consulting," according to the report, "as well as its ideation, creative services, experience design and business transformation skills."

Forbes noted IBM as one of the most influential IT-focused consultancies in marketing. 

Gartner did see IBM having trouble with branding as a digital marketing agency but expected that to improve quickly.

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