[Infographic] The Future of SEO in the Enterprise

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As long as content is king, search engine optimization remains relevant. It takes more than just a few Google updates, or the mounting evidence that shows pay per click advertising gets more leads to keep marketers from pouring time, effort and lots of money in to SEO strategies.

You Say SEO, I Say Content Strategy

Even as SEO has given way to content strategy and curation, the SEO industry grows even stronger. Workforce organizer, Mavenlink recently compiled some stats about the current and future state of SEO in an infographic that shows just how much money, resources and influence SEO has in the enterprise.

To be fair, SEO has evolved alongside emerging technology and platforms and as such is more than just keyword stuffing and dummy content -- it’s customer experience. From what device people are searching is just as important as what people are searching for -- and SEO strategies are working to account and provide for that. Still, the following infographic shows that SEO strategy comes in many forms and isn't likely to go anywhere soon.

Learning Opportunities


If marketers are serious about focusing their SEO strategies on authentic content creation, compelling stories and captivating images to improve search results, I see no reason why it can’t stay.