Kana Blends Analytics Into Its Customer Engagement Suite Connect2014

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Since Verint bought KANA earlier this year for $514 million, the question has been how the business analytics company would blend KANA's customer experience services into its suite of employee services.

The answer, or at least a big part of it, came today in San Francisco as the new "KANA, a Verint company" introduced a big data solution called Engagement Analytics at the Connect2014 conference.

The new product ties the actions of employees together with the experience of customers across the web, mobile, contact center and other channels in near real time.

Join the Crowd?

Of course, several technology companies offer analytics to enhance employee engagement or the customer experience, but KANA executives said this is the first product to include both.

"It takes technologies like speech analytics from Verint and text analytics and combines it with enterprise feedback management survey and journey mapping to show what the customer journey is like for your company," Ryan Hollenbeck, senior vice president for global markets, told CMSWire in an interview.

Hollenbeck said the dashboard for the system "will show you what is actually happening in your call center through recorded conversations, what's happening with survey responses, what's happening with social channels and then how you can offer up a more effective answer to the customer in near-real time through KANA case management and knowledge management technology."

Finding Its Niche

The addition of an analytics component not only helps KANA customers, but also helps to differentiate KANA among rivals ranging from NICE Systems and Achievers on the employee side to Salesforce or Oracle on the customer experience side and Gainsight and Totango on the customer success side.

"We think with the combination of Verint and KANA we'll be uniquely situated there," said Hollenbeck.

The demonstration at the conference drew strong interest from existing Kana customers in attendance.

"I think there's some data now that is hard for us to get to -- the dark data. This seems to make it easier to get to," said Scott Oswald, business analyst for the city and county of San Francisco.

Oswald said he "definitely" could use it to connect all the different channels. The city currently uses an outside service to monitor social media.

Web Down Under

Denise Cazaro, customer service manager for the city of Wollongong, Australia, said she could use the new product to measure customer satisfaction, but it "depends on how they pull all that information out."

"What I thought was great was to find those who've been on the web and then have at the areas where we can improve the website," she said.

Verint shares, which traded at about $45 when the acquisition was announced in January, were off 93 cents at $54.16 in late trading on a day when the broader market also was in decline.

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