For social media networks like LinkedIn that aim to connect people that don’t really know each other the better the search, the better your service.

LinkedIn Search

The announcement was made on the LinkedIn blog so if you’ve noticed some changes over the past couple of days when you’re looking for someone it's likely to do that the new search abilities.

The announcement also shows just how used LinkedIn actually is. According to the blog post by Jonathan Podemsky, product manager with LinkedIn, last year there were 5.7 billion professionally oriented searches carried out with millions of users carrying out searches everyday. So it’s important that search is effective.

LinkedIn Search _Job.jpg

LinkedIn Search by job

With this upgrade LinkedIn says it has made its search intelligent and customized for each and every user depending on the kind of information they are looking for.

Streamlined LinkedIn Search

The search experience, it says, has become more streamlined so that users don’t have to go looking for companies and jobs separately, but simply type what they are looking for into the search box and a page of results that contains data from across the entire network will appear with all the relevant information around your search. Among the new features are:

  • Auto-complete: Users are offered prompts with options to what you are looking for. The more searches you carry out, the more streamlined the search becomes.
  • Suggested searches: When you type in a job type or category, it will search for all people or jobs related to this as well as a preview of the top results for that search.
  • Smarter query intent algorithm: This is smart search, so it learns from previous requests and provides results according to what it has learned.

It also comes with new search filters for deeper search that include criteria like company, school and location. Searches can also be saved with ‘alerts’, so you are notified when new results are added to the search.

LinkedIn Advanced Search.jpg

LinkedIn Advanced Search 

While the first stages of this new kind of search are available now, over the coming weeks, Podemsky says new ways of surfacing content will come on stream that will provide more personalized results.