LinkedIn Targeted Status Updates Aim to Increase Company Engagement

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LinkedIn Targeted Status Updates Aim to Increase Company Engagement
Yesterday we reported that Hootsuite was extending access to LinkedIn company pages to all of it users. Such access will help community managers better monitor their communities from within one platform. Not to be outdone, LinkedIn announced that companies can now deliver targeted status updates to members following company pages. 

Send Targeted Status Updates

On their blog, LinkedIn announced that marketers will now be able to send LinkedIn Targeted Status Updates to their brands’ LinkedIn followers. LinkedIn Targeted Status Updates allow marketers with LinkedIn Company Pages on the platform to deliver highly personalized, relevant content to increase engagement with the followers of their brands. 

Designed to increase the relevance of conversations between companies and LinkedIn members, the new feature is open to the 2 million companies who have LinkedIn Company Pages. Initially launched in April to a select group of users, all users can now use Targeted Status Updates to streamline how members receive relevant information from companies they follow. As a result, companies can now tailor the way they communicate with their followers helping to meet their specific needs.

The Drive for Company Conversations

How relevant is this new feature? LinkedIn highlights a study they did recently which showed that a majority of members (67%) follow companies on LinkedIn to gain industry insights, for company news (61%), while 49% are attracted by the peer community. 

With LinkedIn Targeted Status Updates, when a member starts following your company on LinkedIn, it will be easy to deliver engaging insights like company news, industry trends and job opportunities to their daily news feed.

Learning Opportunities

How to Leverage Targeted Engagement

How do we see this being used best? By promoting job opportunities to members in the right industry, demographic or with the right expertise you can ensure that the right candidates apply. As well, for those interested in learning about the availability of jobs best suited for them, keeping a closer eye on your news feed may prove lucrative.

Over all, like most LinkedIn features it depends on how users engage with LinkedIn currently. For some they may not notice new information showing in the feeds right away, while others who rely on it to glean information about prospective employers, colleagues and industries will benefit from receiving more tailored, relevant content in their streams. The key will be how companies take advantage of it and evolve their content based on member engagement.

How will you plan to use LinkedIn Targeted Status Updates? Tell us in the comments.