Linkedin Unveils New Video Advertisements, Adds Integration with YouTube

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Business social network LinkedIn has announced a new way for companies to promote their products to the website’s users. Linkedin Ads has announced that videos have been added to their self-serve advertising interface, in addition to their text and image based forms of advertising.

Linkedin has gone through a variety of changesand updates over the last month, which include profile redesign, a simpler editing process, a new look for company pagesand an updated BlackBerry App. With video ads, LinkedIn has given both small and large businesses another way to engage current and potential customers.

In a blog post, "Video Comes to Self-Serve Ads Platform," Will Hambly, LinkedIn's Online Marketing Manager, wrote, “Whether you have a complex B2B service to promote or an inspiring brand message, video ads are a way to educate, persuade and inspire LinkedIn’s 175 million members."

What’s in an Ad?

Video ads will initially appear as 300x250 advertisement spaces across the website, which is similar to the sizing used by the text and image ads. Users can give the video a 75 character description.

Linkedin Unveils New Video Advertisements, Adds Integration with YouTube

Learning Opportunities

When the ad is clicked, it will play a 30 second video. After the video finishes, users can choose to click through to the advertiser's landing page or to their website.As with the other ad types, users can create their ad for a specific audience and target it using the following criteria:

  • Job title or function
  • Industry and company
  • Seniority and age
  • LinkedIn Groups.

Users can choose to create new video ads or use ads their company has already uploaded to YouTube. With this collaboration, LinkedIn gives each company a chance to increase its brand's persona.

Hambly said that LinkedIn's self-serve video ads' seamless integration with YouTube will allow companies to leverage their existing YouTube presence -- by promoting the same videos on LinkedIn. "You’ll still be able to grow and capture the same YouTube stats you’re used to,” he added. 

The LinkedIn Ad Specifications

As was mentioned, video ads are available as part of the LinkedIn Ad platform. LinkedIn account holders can choose which form of advertising they want to use: video, text or image. Videos follow the same specifications and rules as all ads on the site: pay by user clicks or impressions, no set time frame for an ad to run, ads can be stopped at any time, and no long-term contracts or commitments.