Much of our discussion about mapping the customer journey has been theoretical. But what tools can you use to map out the consumer’s journey? We had an opportunity to talk with Olin Reams, general manager and vice president of sales and marketing Americas at CS Odessa, which makes ConceptDraw, one of the leading business graphics and diagramming software packages, about the benefits of creating mind maps and diagrams to share complex content and ideas.

From Concept to Mapping

CS Odessa, based in San Jose, CA and Ukraine, has been rolling out a new product called ConceptDraw Pro, designed for project managers to plan their ideas from the planning stages through fruition. ConceptDraw Pro lets users display, communicate, and present dynamically, from basic flowcharts to complex engineering schematics.

Mr. Reams says that by using ConceptDraw to clearly outline and communicate ideas, companies can put their ideas into action quicker and more efficiently. When it comes to the customer experience, how many of us can say that we’re effective and efficient at turning ideas into action? Additionally, how many of us can visualize the touch points a customer may be in contact with during the course of their journey?

With ConceptDraw Pro, users can present their concepts visually, as well as include hyperlinks to documents and web pages to seamlessly link relevant information into a single mind map or workflow, and generate reports and Gantt charts to track progress, percent complete, and probability. Mind maps can also be shared or exported to the Microsoft Office suite as lists, excel sheets, or presentations to keep an entire team on track. The software also features Smart Connectors technology, which helps to enhance the intelligent design of the product since it fits the way people think instead of program operations.

A Visual Journey

Of course, just talking about how ConceptDraw Pro can bring customer journeys to life is theoretical as well. What might your customer map look like? ConceptDraw provides some great examples of how companies have mapped their journeys, big and small.

Example 1:Bank social media response flowchart.


Example 2: Online store social media response flowchart.


Example 3: Concept Map - Internet Marketing



 Example 4: Concept Map - Online Shop

These are just a few of the ways you can use ConceptDraw Pro, but you can get a sense for what is possible. With a host of drawing and diagramming tools, templates and libraries from which to create, ConceptDraw Pro provides an opportunity for you and your project teams to visualize ideas and data as diagrams, communicate through presentations to better meet business-specific needs and optimize the customer experience.