Meltwater is upgrading its Buzz social media marketing suite with enhancements in the ability to monitor and engage in social conversations.

Joel York, Meltwater’s Executive Director of Marketing and Product, said in a statement that Buzz “helps marketers build social communities and create campaigns that drive viral word-of-mouth for real social ROI.” He described the act of monitoring and engaging “thousands of social conversations” across a field of millions as a “huge challenge,” but a necessary one in light of marketing’s sea change from monologues to dialogues.

Buzz Gets a More Efficient UX, New Analytics

Version 3.0 includes several key improvements intended to better enable such marketing dialogues. These include a new user experience designed for efficiency and new analytics for measuring social communities, social conversations and social media channels.

Meltwater Buzz.png

Meltwater Buzz, built on the company’s online intelligence platform, is designed to monitor and analyze the social media “buzz,” engage influencers and facilitate word-of-mouth.

The Listen monitoring module allows tapping into over 300 million social media conversations, which can be filtered by topic, social media channel, language and geography. The platform also offers the ability to measure conversational volume, sentiment and trends, and conversations can be researched going back six months.

Keywords, such as brand names, industry phrases or competitors, can be used to search conversations, which are collected daily from posts on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, forums, reviews and other sources. A Listen dashboard offers top search results, a graphical meter of overall conversation sentiment related to a brand, the most frequent topics of conversations, and filters for specific channels, languages or locations.

What’s the Differentiation?

The platform also enables media engagement from multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts, providing tools to respond, organize customers and particularly influencers, and drive word-of-mouth. Marketing tools include ones specifically designed for Facebook, such as the ability to create Facebook microsites (pages) and conduct viral contests and sweepstakes.

At this point in the evolution of social media marketing, the ability to monitor zillions of conversations, detect trends and sentiment, and participate in conversational-based marketing has emerged as a standard platform. These kinds of tools are being offered in varying degrees by such veterans as Salesforce and HootSuite, or by newcomers like Topsy. We can expect the next phase in social media marketing to emphasize how a product, such as Meltwater Buzz, offers a clear differentiation from all the others.