Mobile and web analytics provider Mixpanel has added a mobile survey platform that it claims makes things easier for both the marketers analyzing survey results and the users taking the surveys. Today it launched Mixpanel Surveys — free for existing People Analytics product subscribers — which it says allows anyone inside an organization to quickly create, target and send mobile surveys directly to people as they use an organization's app. 

Surveys on the Go

customer experience, Mixpanel Debuts Mobile In-App Survey Platform
“We’ve done all the technical work to build a powerful in-app survey tool that’s designed just for mobile apps,” Suhail Doshi, CEO of Mixpanel, blogged today. “Now, in five minutes, anyone on your team can create and publish a custom survey aimed at precisely the right group of people — decreasing blind blanketing, improving the customer experience and increasing the likelihood of a survey being answered."

The new survey platform is available for iPhone apps. Mixpanel plans to expand it to Android and iPad apps in the near future, it told CMSWire. Learn more about pricing

In a Skype interview with CMSWire this week, Mixpanel officials were asked the product’s “wow factor.”

Geddes Munson, who leads Mixpanel’s solutions team, replied how easy it is to deploy a survey — and take one if you’re a customer. “We’ve made the product super easy and easy from both ends — the marketer who builds it and the customers who answer it,” Munson said.

Marketers are able to analyze data in real-time from mobile app users and deploy surveys based on that data. Marketers can segment their customers by any of the actions or properties that they collect in Mixpanel.

Unique to this product, Mixpanel said, is bringing surveys to the native mobile app experience. The solution “removes all technical barriers” and eliminates the “time-consuming” and “clumsy aspect” of the survey process, Mixpanel’s Nicole Leverich said.

What’s Out There Now?

In August, we reported that insight technology provider Qualtrics released Qualtrics Mobile, a research tool that helps businesses gather customer insight from smartphone or tablet devices in both an offline and online capacity. 

An extension of the Qualtrics Research Suite, Qualtrics Mobile is a solution that gives businesses and other companies the ability to create online and offline surveys for any mobile operating system. These responses can then be used to gather key customer insight. Similar tools and apps include QuickTapSurvey, FluidSurveys, the iSurvey app and SurveyPocket.

Mobile Survey Trend

Doshi, Mixpanel’s CEO, blogged that the “traditional route of sending a survey via a link in an email that takes people to a web form leaves much to be desired, especially for mobile applications that want to engage a specific group of people while they are in their app.”

We reported in March that since 2010, page views via mobile devices have risen by 980 percent. With that, the number of surveys that are taken on smartphones or tablets is increasing.

No matter the solution, we see organizations being forced to tackle the mobile issue regarding surveys if they haven’t already.