Mobile App of the Week: Marketing Automation with Pardot

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This month at CMSWire our focus is on improving web experiences with the help of marketing automation, so we thought we'd take a look at one marketing automation platform with a mobile app. This is our first Mobile App of the Week for February -- Pardot for the iPhone.

Marketing Automation with Pardot

Pardot, which was founded in 2007 and recently bought by ExactTarget for US$ 95.5 million, is a B2B marketing automation software provider that has tools for CRM integration, email marketing, lead nurturing, lead scoring and ROI reporting to help marketing and sales teams improve their sales and marketing efforts.

Pardot Marketing Automation is a cloud-based solution that helps clients pinpoint exactly where their marketing strategy needs improvement. Its tools include real-time sales alerts, email marketing, CRM integration and landing and web page templates. In addition to the Marketing Automation solution, other Pardot products are VisitorID, which helps identify anonymous site visitors and LeadDeck, a desktop monitoring application.

Pardot Goes Mobile

With the Pardot Mobile App, which is available from iTunes, users gain access to their analytics records -- if they use the iPad, iPhone or iPad Touch with iOS 4.3 or higher. Therefore, it is merely an extension of the Pardot Automation platform. It gives users access to the information and presents it in a mobile capacity, but doesn't provide any additional features -- it's a like a detailed address book.

The Pardot Mobile App is available to Pardot clients only. Pardot plans range from US$ 200 a month to US$ 3000 a month, depending on the services needed. In having this marketing data at their fingertips, companies can see exactly who is interacting with their website, how often they've visited, the company they are from and their contact information.

Other features of the Pardot Mobile App:

  • Sync phone and email platforms, so conversations can start with the click of a button.
  • Visitors are graded and scored, depending on how often they've visited.
  • Information is divided into visitors, prospects and contacts, so if a visitor's relationship with a site changes, they can be eventually moved to a different category.


Learning Opportunities

Pardot: Good for SMBs, Mobile Access

Being able to connect with and know your potential and current customers on a personal level is a key part of any marketing plan and having that information at your fingertips can be an advantage.

The mobile app has a small subset of Pardot's functionality, but it is a key component in the Pardot tool set. With consumer statistics, the app gives marketers the push they need to start talking with potential customers about their thoughts on products, the website and other content, which eventually could improve their company's conversion rates and ROI. For companies and businesses that already use Pardot, this would be a worthwhile way to keep track of information in a mobile capacity.

While there isn't much external feedback on the mobile app itself, support for Pardot as a whole remains high. Regarding SMB's, a review from CRM Search said that the product as whole offered these smaller businesses the support they needed when trying to understand and use automation software.

To mitigate this risk for its customer target market, Pardot's pledge speaks directly to the objectives and concerns of the SMB risk averse buyer, and more so, is backed up with minimal contract requirements, complimentary setup, an accelerated implementation and time to value capability, and a relatively low Total Cost of Ownership," says the review.

Whereas Ben Waligoske a community manager at Omnbud praised the product's functionality compared to some of its competitors, such asExactTarget and Marketo in a brief review.

Pardot’s solution is probably more straightforward and has a shorter learning curve than some of their competition," he says "Their customer service has also been exemplary."

When you are looking at marketing automation solutions, it's worthwhile to see what they have available for mobile access. Maybe you don't need all your marketing tools on a mobile device, but when you are on the road, some is beneficial. Pardot's access to lead information is certainly something we could see be useful to marketers on the go.