Moxie Releases Social Chat That Integrates with Facebook API

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Enterprise social technology provider Moxie Software is releasing a new social sales and customer service application that uses the Facebook Graph API to allow direct engagement with and targeting of customers via their Facebook profiles. The Engage Plus app is available with Moxie’s Chat Spaces live social chat support solution.

"Engage Plus enables enterprises to present proactive offers within a customer’s Facebook fan page, based on information in their public profile,” explained Moxie Software VP of Marketing Tara Sporrer during a briefing with CMSWire. “The application uses the Facebook Graph API to present customized offers based on a consumer’s unique Facebook preferences.”

Sporrer said Engage Plus assists companies with the “still challenging” task of converting Facebook fans into customers. In addition, Engage Plus allows customer service agents to send chat invites to consumers on Facebook. If the consumer accepts, additional data such as age and friend count becomes available, and full e-commerce transactions can be executed via chat.

Moxie VP of Products, Nikhil Govindaraj, said that Engage Plus, which works on an opt-in basis for the customer, also leverages a consumer’s Facebook profile to determine relevant competitive information such as their “likes” and whether they have previously associated with a rival brand. All the varied Facebook data the application collects is also fed into a rules engine to create an individual customer score.

“The customer service agent sees the consumer profile with a rich set of information,” said Govindaraj. “They can have a more powerful and meaningful conversation.”


Learning Opportunities

 There’s Nothing Like a Nice Chat

Moxie Software has been busy building out the functionality of its Chat Spaces tool this year with add-on applications. In September, VirtuOz, Inc., a provider of intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) for online marketing, sales and support, rolled out a packaged integration with Moxie Software’s Chat Spaces for sales and services. The integrated solution is designed to provide online consumers with seamless transition from virtual to live support. Specific features of the VirtuOz integration are intended to provide greater personalization, convenience and information to the customer, including queue traffic control and automatic transfer of virtual agent-customer conversation to the live chat agent.

In May of this year, Moxie added a new feature in Chat Spaces that allowed customer service agents to engage with customers in chat sessions, providing them with the ability to seek assistance from internal experts, whom normally would be excluded from the interaction. The new chat features also allow a customer service agent to simultaneously engage with multiple experts. For example, a customer service agent for a bank could seek help in resolving a customer’s issues involving both a checking account and a mortgage loan. Communication with experts is conducted internally via Moxie’s social media mechanisms, so the customer does not directly communicate with internal employees.

It’s All about Engagement

Moxie’s new Engage Plus recognizes the critical nature of customer engagement as the key to success with Facebook as a marketing/branding channel. Practical eCommerce recently published a list of four suggested steps to designing a Facebook marketing campaign, Engage Plus squarely supports step #3 -- “Engage Your Audience.”

As recommended by Practical eCommerce, “Getting consumers to take part in the conversation is a key component of social media marketing.” Facebook marketers should “create content designed to start a conversation and generate engagement,” which becomes much easier when marketers can see in-depth data about a Facebook user’s personal preferences and directly converse with them in Facebook.