Oracle is making another cloudy bet with its announcement this morning that it has acquired cloud-based marketing content vendor Compendium. Terms of the deal were not made public.

In June 2012, Compendium and Eloqua announced a new integration between Compendium’s content marketing platform and Eloqua’s Marketing Automation solution. The integration allowed marketers to use Compendium’s content for Eloqua’s demand generation campaigns through a Shared Content Library. 

Synergy with Eloqua

Oracle, which bought Eloqua last December, announced it expects business to “continue as usual” for Compendium’s partners.

Compendium’s niche is helping in the creation and optimized delivery of marketing content across channels through planning, production, publishing, promotion and analytics.

Oracle is touting the synergy between Compendium’s content mechanism and its Eloqua Marketing Solution, which uses customers’ behavioral and profile trails to reach customers at the "right" time to increase sales conversions and build loyalty. Increasingly, marketers are using data-driven platforms to guide what content is delivered when and to whom.

Compendium CEO Chris Baggott said in a statement that Eloqua is “uniquely positioned to capture a prospect’s digital body language to help companies know each buyer’s demographics, behaviors and influencers.” He added that the combination of this buyer profile with Compendium’s data-driven content platform will enable the delivery of “innovative content marketing solutions.”

Learning Opportunities

Marketing Ecosystems

Eloqua is now the centerpiece of Oracle’s Marketing Cloud, as Oracle rushes to keep up with the growing marketing ecosystems being acquired or built by, Adobe, Microsoft, SAP and others.

Based in Indianapolis, Compendium was launched in 2007 by ExactTarget co-founder Baggott, originally as a developer of blogging software. It has expanded in recent years into a provider of content marketing. Baggott, who left the firm in 2011 and recently returned to fill the role of CEO, has stated in published reports that he expects the Compendium team to stay in Indianapolis.

As marketers gain more insight into their online visitors by capturing, correlating and sifting reams of diverse data, content marketing is assuming a larger importance in their plans. After all, there are only so many product offers a given visitor can absorb, whereas a visitor might be endlessly interested in the right content about a favorite subject, including articles, videos, email or social posts like blog entries.