Google has turned the taps on its update stream after last week's I/O event. You can now talk to your PC's Chrome browser for Google searches, while mobile users get a new version of Google+ to play with that's more in line with the card-based update of the recent PC browser update. 

Listen To Me, Chrome

You might need to run a quick update, and then allow Chrome permission to use your PC's microphone, but the latest version of Google's browser for Mac, PC and Linux is now happy to listen to your every request when running searches through  

It seems a little flaky right now, with two PCs saying there's "No Internet connection" when every other app is happily connected. Other users are seeing this too and suggest restarting the browser will help, for a while. Looks like a patch needs to be sent out soon.

But once that's sorted out, I'm sure its just as friendly and easy to ask it stuff as it is in the Google app on your Android or iOS device. Using natural language queries, you can ask for directions, information and other services, are we finally on the way to proper voice interactivity that has been promised for so many decades? Since I can't demo it, check out the video. 


Google+ Gets A New Look

Meanwhile for those on the go, hot on the heels of the new Hangout app, Google+ on your mobile browser now looks a bit more like the desktop version with those neat cards laid out for easier reading and interacting with. If like mine, your Google+ stream if full of Robert Scoble, hopefully there's also an easier way to keep him quiet. 


Google had a busy week at I/O on the developer front with new features and updates across most of its services and its good to see them going live so soon after. Yes, we didn't get to see Android 5.0 (Key Lime Pie), but it was teased throughout the event, so expect something about it soon.