Marketing automation vendor Silverpop has added more SMS based data collection to its offerings, a move designed to help target Web, email social and mobile channels with highly personalized content.

It's an ambitious notion, and Silverpop has partnered with an outside firm named Velti to help execute it. Velti is a provider of mobile marketing, and Silverpop obviously sees the importance of making a big play in the mobile sector.

Connecting SMS Data to Web, Social + Email Campaigns

Marketers love to build personalized messages that are highly targeted to particular audiences, and connecting as many channels together as they can helps create that relevancy. It's not always easy, of course, because it means parsing more data and walking an increasingly delicate privacy tightrope.

At the moment, however, marketing automation companies like Silverpop are in high demand, so many in the industry are moving fast to position themselves as segment leaders. The reason for that is the US$ 871 million buyout of Eloqua by Oracle back in December. That move has turned the marketing automation sector upside down as the Marketos, HubSpots and Silverpops of the world maneuver to get ready for their own possible acquisitions.

Silverpop may be leaning in that direction this year, but for now is content to continue building out its offerings organically. Specifically, it is adding SMS data harvesting to its mobile marketing arm. Customers will be able to build automated, behavior based SMS campaigns, and collect data from those mobile devices to be used in email, social and Web based campaigns.


Silverpop integrates with these companies to boost email delivery rates, a tactic it plans to combine with its latest SMS based mobile offering.

Added Features

Using SMS based campaigns isn't a new tool in the Silverpop toolbelt, but the company has added some new features such as:

  • Text for Information – Customers can request and receive information via a texted keyword.
  • Text to Screen – Presenters, speakers and conference hosts can interact with people by displaying texted content submitted in the middle of a presentation.
  • Text to Vote – People can cast a vote via text.
  • 2-Way SMS Interactive Campaigns – Recipients can start a dialogue with a company using a texted keyword to then receive more texts based on a predefined workflow.
  • Text to Win – People can enter a contest or drawing by texting a keyword.

Companies who are looking to add this kind of functionality would then be able to tie in any data collected to be used in other campaign channels. That means a more defined message can be sent to people in a more personalized way. It also shows Silverpop's commitment to mobile specifically, and we fully expect to hear more from the company on that front during the rest of 2013.