Marketing automation vendor Silverpop has announced a real time campaign buider called Universal Behaviors at the Amplify 2013 conference this week.

Silverpop Engage Framework

Universal Behaviors resides in the Silverpop Engage marketing automation system, and will store and process data as individual exchanges rather than in volumes of interactions. The company hopes this buyer behavior data can then be used to build personalized campaign actions in real time.

Furthermore, the data is segmented by customer, not channel, as a way to establish a singular identity across devices and media segments. In that way, the name Universal Behaviors starts to make sense, as in, all of a single customers' behaviors stored in one place, no matter where those behaviors were recorded.

"Universal Behaviors removes any remaining barriers to the vision of delivering true one-to-one communications to limitless numbers of customers via behavioral marketing automation," Bryan Brown, director of product strategy for Silverpop said in a statement.


Engage features a drag and drop program builder, multiple scoring models and programs reporting for tracking campaigns.

Live Stream Data

Customer data will be able to integrate from Webtrends Streams, Digby, Argyle Social and Invodo at first, and Silverpop says eventually data from anywhere could be used. Also announced this week at the Amplify conference was an email preview tool for viewing how emails will look to various audineces before sending them. Silverpop previously raised US $25 million in funding to work on its behaviorl marketing program, and now we are starting to see exactly what it had in mind.

Will Silverpop get snapped up by Salesforce, Adobe or even Webtrends? It certainly seems to be angling for just such an event, and the nearly billion dollar acquisition of Eloqua last year by Oracle has to be mighty tantalizing to such a company. Eloqua was the leader in the marketing automation space at the time, however, so Silverpop would likely not fetch such a huge price tag.

All eyes are on Salesforce as to what happens in this space for now. Whatever it does end up buying (Marketo, perhaps) will no doubt shake up the industry and make for another round of speculation on who will take up the leading positions.