Digital marketing service provider Silverpop, which boasts a complete marketing platform with email, social, mobile and marketing automation tools has announced a new app for its collection: Email Insights. This app is designed to help marketers create better emails and email campaigns with a previewing feature that shows how the message will look on different devices and email channels.

Giving a Clear View of Email

With so many devices and email platforms available, it’s often hard to know how a message will look on a particular device or email client, since sometimes the message wasn't designed with that device or platform in mind.

With Email Insights, which is integrated with email analytics tool Litmus, Silverpop aims to make these messages more accessible through a previewing feature that shows senders how their message will look on the recipient's chosen device or email server. In turn, this can improve a person's time management skills, while improving the reading experience and resulting in a higher email conversion rate for email marketing campaigns.


Marketers will be able to see how an email will look across 30 different email clients, such as versions of Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and Apple Mail, as well as on on different devices, including the iPhone 3GS iOS 5 and 4S iOS 6, Android 2.3 and 4.0, Symbian S60 and versions 6.5 and 7.5 of the Windows Phone.

Other features include the ability see what type of devices and email clients are most popular among the message’s recipients and the ability to target content based on a person's platform and device preference.

The Email Insights tool is part of Silverpop’s new Emerging Apps catalogue, which is made up of tools designed to improve Silverpop Engage, a marketing automation platform.

Some of the other tools included in the platform are Visitor Insight which provides data on website visitation, Mobile Marketing and PlacePunch a tool that works with the location-based components of social media sites, such as FourSquare and Facebook to improve a campaign’s success rate.

It’s All About Marketing

Silverpop, who received US$ 25 million in funding to develop behaviour marketing products last month has also partnered with Velti in adapting SMS data collection to improve its marketing automation toolset. Silverpop is also proving to be a good marketing automation choice for other companies looking to enhance their own product suite, as EPiServer recently announced that it had integrated Silverpop’s technology into its Web CMS platform.